Friday, November 16, 2012

I'm starting fresh.

Because i fail at blogging, I figured i would start out fresh and try to do better.
so here it is folks, the new blog.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

i need a blog revamp. anyone care to help me?

i fail at computers. seriously.
and at blogging, apparently. sorry bout it.

the best friend is in china. it sucks. it sucks a lot. because sometimes you just need your best friend. especially when she always knows what to say and how to make you feel better. and especially if she laughs at all your jokes and when she makes you laugh really hard. especially when you work a lot of hours and go to school and you just need a good movie night that doesn't really consist of watching a movie, but really of making jokes. especially when you really need her just because you miss her like crazy.

I've got this lovely new job. a full time, adult job. receptionists of the word, unite!
School started back up again, at night. night school is soooo much more relaxed than day and I'm really really happy with my decision.
My dr pepper addiction has gotten even worse. hey, i need something to get me through the day. and it could be redbull. (sometimes it is.)
I eat so much of cheeze it's and grilled cheese sandwiches i'll probably turn orange.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

sunday funday.

I was kidnapped and forced to eat cupcakes.
i have the greatest friends.
church with jesse is.... loud, and snackish.
I'm gonna miss that hooligan when she goes off to SUU. and I'm going to have to make new friends. that's the worst.
we think about skipping relief society but then decide to be good children, and then we almost starve to death.
singles wards are the best. psych.

"you gunna eat this cupcake? can i lick this frosting?"

Friday, July 20, 2012


The only word i can think of to describe this month, has been insane.

good thing the 'rents bought me a suitcase because i've been back to back traveling all month.

girls camp end of june
family reunion 1-4
rutter's cabin 6-7
st george 12-15

not to mention, working when i could, doctors appointments, physical therapy nearly 3 times a week ( when i don't cancel because i'm going out of town, again) and baseball games leading up the to the state tournament.

out of control i tell you. but i've enjoyed it, and I'm really good at packing.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

If blogging was my job, I'd be fired.

Good thing it's not my job.

I wish I could tell you that life is just too crazy to blog, but that would be lying. and I cannot lie without giggling. In all reality, I'm a hobo. I work the weekends and sleep way too much over the week. Except for starting next week, when my bum knee has to go to physical therapy 3 times a week because it hates me and I',m practicallly 90.

Good news. The brother is home. As of like a month. He's great to have home, but sassy. We love him though and feel really good about my dad asking him to put away large things like the four wheelers, instead of enlisting me to help.

the best friends and I are going to st george this weekend for our reunion. Remember last year?
yeah. I'm super stoked. It's where the sisterwives began. We'll eat a lot of food and watch win a date with tad hamilton and soak up a lot of st george rays.

My dear cousin kendra left on her mission. Man do i miss her like crazy. Her letters are always really great to get. But you must read them in a time and place where if you end up in a fit of laughter on the floor, you won't be judged. Because 9 times out of 10, it will happen.

Alyssa is moving to china for four months. Ask me i'm excited about it? no. no i am not. Do you know how many times a day i talk to alyssa? text message her? Well i'm not sure of the exact number either but i can tell you that it is a whole lot. and it's a good thing both lyssa and i have unlimited text messages or else we would both be in incredible trouble.

I just hope she doesn't come back engaged to an asian. Not because I don't like asians, I practically am one with how squinty my eyes are. (that's why there is no chance of me going to visit alyssa. They probably wouldn't let me back in the u.s.) But because he'll probably move my best friend back to china for the rest of our lives. and that would just not work out for me.

While she's gone. I'm starting a support group. Mainly it consists of people acting like alyssa and texting me funny things and pictures of kittens all day. If you would like, feel free to sign up. You will go in my phone as alyssa, and we will have epic conversations that always end up in "i hate you." "I hate you." "wanna watch a movie?" "be over in five"

life is good. really good. school will start up again soon and i'm getting used to the singles ward and the activites they offer. I have some nice tan lines, and taylor swift promises a new album.

until next time. which will hopefully be soon.

Friday, June 8, 2012

I'm ashamed.

It's been two full months since i have blogged and i am ashamed.

Here's a quick update:

Summer is underway and i am using this time off of school to sleep a bunch and have as much fun as possible.
I finally graduated high school, after what felt like 10 years at PGHS. I'm glad to be done, but occasionally i still miss it.

The brother gets home from his mission in FIVE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every time i think about it i get just ridiculously excited. This has been the longest week waiting for him.

Best friend is going to china for like 3 months and I'm going to cry every day that she is gone.

I'm thinking about moving out at the end of summer and it makes me nauseous to think about it.

two of my very best friends got married in the past couple months. congrats to mickell and tyler, and emily and parker!

Monday, April 2, 2012

you thought i loved country before?

this weekend + me + ACM awards + saryn, bree, and ken = so much country love.

more posts to come.