Tuesday, March 30, 2010

well then.

I will never understand these strange aliens.
They say they like girls with curves and who dress modestly but that is questionable as they date the skinny girls wearing short shorts. You'd think that if they really meant that there wouldn't be as many anorexic and bolemic girls as there are in the world.
The girls would want to eat their treats and have those hips and that butt. But as the boys seem to go for the extremely skinny girls, the girls think they are not good enough therefore they become anorexic to be as skinny as the girls they see dating.

Boys say they don't like girls who wear pounds of makeup on their face every day but yet they like the girls who wear that much makeup.

I just don't understand that species.


mickell said...

Boycott skinny. Child bearing hips are totally in right now, just ask Dwight K Schrute.

Jessie said...

amen. especially the make-up thing.

Kendra Haynie said...

haha Our conversation we had thanks to the New Era...good for nothin...