Friday, April 30, 2010

we stalk therefore we are? probably not in this case.

I LOVE stalking celebrities. I'm not sure why but I always want to know what they are up to. I always know the latest on Sandy (probably because we are secretly best friends) and a lot of the other celebs. I love it is probably one of my favorite websites.

Also, I love love love reality shows. I love the drama. The more ridiculous is it, the more I love it. Ever seen Jerseylicious? I love it. It is so ridiculous, girls crying because they have to cut off their fake nails, girls being catty, it's insane but I love it.
The hills? Love that too. Love the drama.
Dallas divas and daughters? Watched it constantly. I loved it when the mothers hated each other and when the girls were bratty.
I don't understand why but I just can't get enough of reality shows. I get such a kick out of them.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"my mom is here." ( 4 teenagers run down the hall.)

I love Colleen Kirby so much. She is fantastic.
The first time I officially met her, was when she said she liked my evan for artist sticker. I didn't know who she was. Then she introduced herself and I was amazed that she remembered me. Anyway, I just love her and hope that when I am a mom, I will be as cool as colleen, texting my childrens best friends and stalking their dance dates.

Megan lives under a rock, probably. She didn't know that Jesse James cheated on Sandy.

Sandy adopted a black baby and filed for divorce. We like this. We like sandy.

I hate when people don't text me back, it makes me want to eat them.

Kirsten Goodman made me really happy when she reprimanded someone for swearing on their facebook status.

Yes, this is my real hairstyle. I wear it daily. Not just tonight.

I've missed my girls.

I dislike her.

I love when people write on my wall.

When people say my blog makes them laugh aloud, I giggle inside like a school girl. Sometimes I even giggle on the outside.

"I will find you a tuxedo and take you to the prom so you won't be bored, if you wear that puffy pink dress I have. and I'll tell you i like your sleeves."

'Bomb diggity' makes me sound really stupid but it brings me an unmeasurable amount of joy.

when megan comes to lunch with me she says things like 'we always have fruitsnacks' because she is my sister. slash we are dating. slash we break up with each other a lot.

I've moved up in the work work. Now i just sit and watch a laser and take things off.
I'll probably loose a couple falangies. maybe my whole hand. unnecessary? probably.

I love miranda lambert.

Phone calls from Saryn because she read my blog and just wanted to call me is probably the greatest thing of my life.

I'm so attracted to boys that read.

I grind....metal.

Get some. at the ACT.

Name 20 random boys and at one time or another i have probably loved at least 10 of them, maybe more. I often find myself saying, 'I once loved him.'

Megan threatens to cut my tongue out. daily. rude.

Facebook stalking. or rather all stalking is a hobby of mine.
I like knowing creeper things about people.

Being friends with Megans family on facebook makes me happy.

Sometimes my computer fails at life.

Why would I do english homework?

My life wouldn't be complete if it wasn't in the awkward factory.

They will probably be married.

My hands are frozen.

I need sleep.

I'm off.

Toodles. Noodles. Oodles. Moodles? Poodles. Loodles. Aoodles. Doodles.
Oh. Bye.

Today is April 28. 2010, probably.

Oh hello. here I am... sitting in biology. done with my CRT testing for the day with nothing to do with my life. So, I shall blog.

I like work these days, no longer dread going in and actually sometimes look forward to it.

I hate Mother Nature. Doesn't she know it is almost May? yeesh.

When it's windy, I like that my hair doesn't really get messed up.

I love the feeling of short hair, it feels like I always have my hair up in a ponytail but I don't. I like it, hair is a nusiance.

I love when Megan quotes me on her blog. It makes me feel funny.

conversations with your best friends are always exciting.

I love when i can give people therapy. I love when people tell me their problems.

I want to be best friends with Jessie Marquis. pretty sure we have alot in common.

Lunch is always the highlight of my day.

Sleeping in class is a hobby of mine.

yesterday I wrote a note in 3 out of 4 classes. All to megan, of course.

Mandi got asked to prom and now the fiesta is off. Dangggit.

I miss provo and need to be there immediately.

texting in class is always exciting. I love when I get funny messages or pictures that make me laugh aloud.

I hate poetry. and my english class.

ratting my hair brings me joy. also, fohawks.

"we are in love."

Sometimes I am convinced I am a child.

I went to bed early last night. 10:00. be proud.

Glee brings me joy. I'm so attracted to Finn.

Sometimes I have really good dreams about attractive males.

I'm excited to be a junior leader this year.

k bye.

Monday, April 26, 2010

oh. hi there.

I haven't blogged for a while.
Probably because I don't even have time to breathe, let alone blog.
Somtimes I feel like I never stop running around. The list of things to do never ends, and there is always something else for me to do.
I cannot wait for summer.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ramblings from my day.

Sometimes. Melissa and I go puddle jumping. When was the last time I played with that girl? Who knows? Not me.

I love dancing in the rain.

Sometimes I can't feel my hand because a girl is holding it so tight.
Sometimes she won't let me dance, and i am sad.
I enjoyed her though.

I was the only youth with a group of like 8 adults tonight. Cool. It was awkward.

I love love love sister boyce. I have forgotten how I am obsessed with her.

I shoud probably shower. I'm really muddy from puddles.
It will be my 3rd shower today. fun.

Russ wouldn't let us do a rain dance in radio.
He also said no to a siesta.

Prom? No thanks. I'm having a fiesta with Mandi Call. We'll probably eat all american spanish rice.
"spanish rice is all american."
"spanish rice is not all american."
"oh yeah."

I love doing radio shows with mandi. we play old school songs and then dance to them in the corner, awkwardly of course.
We talk over each other and we say things like playboy bunny but then apologize to russ for it, on the radio of course.

I really like how we are getting pretty pro at making radio shows.

Sometime, I work, I look like a boy and use power tools.
It's alright. You can be attracted to me.
They let me use the ones that spark sometimes, and also they once let me us the forklift.

I listen to T-swift when I use my powertools, which makes everything even better.

Texting Mickell makes me really happy.

I'm going to go shower, I smell like wet dog, probably.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

we laugh.

It's probably time to get some quotes out of my phone so...

Here's some really old ones I found from Mickell.

"Acapturing(v): Something done to dinosaurs"

"admitting, accepting, architechture of time machine, aquirment of dinosaur"

Alright now quotes from my phone from mickell.

"what? spongebobby is handsome, i'd want to look at him."

"I'm turning you in."

"Normal people aren't afraid of every like you. I'd be flattered and probably start singing stacy's mom or something."

"You always listen when facebook talks."

"I think my new goal is to use the word NAKED as often as possible in texts because it scares you for a minute."

"Quite frankly I don't know why we don't use my proximity to his house to stalk his every move."

"Which couch? My couch? We were practically engaged. OUr physical relationship was great, but he liked other bodies too much."

"Me too. Child bearing hips. Check. Dwight might like my body. Or yours."

"Wow wish you hadn't fallen off the face of the planet. Congrats on accomplishing the impossible because our planet isn't square. hence faceless."

"Oh so it's awkward because you jumped on him?"

"Oh so now you're just gonna drop the b word like it's nobodys business? Stop with the language or we can't continue chatting!" Oh don't fret. The b word is babies.

"How do you expect your bodies to be destiny if you never get them together?"

And now some prime texts from megan.

"what a snot face. Pinch him."

"can I have your head sitting on my nightstand?"

"Cute couples.. off with their heads."

"I'm going to sew your mouth shut while you are in deep slumb er, and if you unstich it, i will chop your tongue off, just in case, then with that I'll send it to Meat boy informing him that you will never song. I will also attach a letter to your tongue that meat boy is holding that has instructions to inform the football team you are unkissable. I dare you to say you will snog ausin one more time or this will be the consequence."

"Oh you are fussy."

"He is adorable. I want a baby. I'll sell it once it's not cute."

"Hello, what am i? chopped gizzard?"

"merh. everyone eats my happiness."

"i'll curl into fetal position in your tummy then quickly expand all limbs, therefore making you explode."

"I don't think they sell human muzzles at the pet store I'm not an animal, cailey haynie. Don't you dare throw in a turtle joke right now."

"I knew you had a crush on me."

"Check rita. Your boogies are all over. They look like asians. They look like you."

"I saw a boy picking his nose today and thought of you."

"its a fact. Why would you doubt my facts? Do you doubt moses?"

"when you have your first kiss, you better think of me."

"I always think of you at the most inappropriate times."

Friday, April 16, 2010

Don't worry.

I'm probably dying.
Not only of sickness, but boredom.
I've been watching disneychannel and playing on
Oh yes.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Well this made my day.

"mother will you call and excuse me please? I don't feel good." I said into the phone as I stood next to Megan in the hall.

As I turned the corner I saw his baseball hat and was taken aback. I put my head down, not excpecting conversation but as I walked,willing myself not to drool, he spoke.
"where are you going?" His side smile made my mind go blank.
"home." I stated, trying to remember to breathe.
"I'm telling whimpy you're sluffing." he joked.
"Hey, you sluffed the other day. I saw you and then you weren't there." I replied, probably sounding real creepy.
"A couple weeks ago." wow. even creepier cailey, congrats.
"Whatever, I've never sluffed."
The door closed then and I continued walking, hyperventalating and frantically calling Megan.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break 2010.

Wanna know what I did this spring break?
Ate rasberry shorbet.
Avoided work.
Went to work.
Cleaned Tibbs.
Got some spoonage with Megan.
Megan liked cayden more than me.
Watched 4 hours of Glee.
Went to shock therapy.
Went to work.
Malled it up with Johanna and Jesse.
Wore masks on the way home.
Scared people.
Saw Dear John.
Cried in the movie theater.
Saw my 2nd grade love, and avoided him.
Talked with Kendra while she had Dairy-smelling hair.
Was late for curfew.
Got the awkward hole cut out of my hair.
Got yelled at by a leader.
Dominated in a scavenger hunt.
Got shock therapy again.
Rented Glee.
Drove to St. George with Children.
Watched Glee.
Visted Saryn.
Ate at Ihop.
Watched Glee.
Got woken by children.
Was late and looked homeless.
Held Dillon on his monkey leash.
Colored Dinosaur pictures.
Bought a new swimming suit.
Drove on the freeway with the windows down singing.
Went to a track meet.
Saw another one of my old loves.
Fell in love with a 13 year old.
Fell in a ditch.
Spooned with Haley.
Took pictures of a gingers head.
Argued with my parents.
Jumped on the trampoline.
Failed at crack the egg.
Worked on my toe touches.
Looked like bam bam.
Went tanning.
Got a massive sunburn.
Rode in the cougar.
Honked at SUU football players doing service.
Was afraid of the diving board.
Fell in love with Vanilla Icees.
Slept in the car.
Aruged with Children.
Hugged Megan.
Went to Spoon Me.
Visited Wellington 4.
Visited Cayden Brown.
Went to church.
Watched Glee.
Took a four hour nap.
Ate delicious food.
Watched Sidney White.
And here I am, blogging.

Not too shabby of a spring break, I'd say.
Tomorrow, back to reality. Merh.

Proven Fact.

Bad weather makes me grouchy.
All during the winter, watch out because you say one thing and I might just bite your head off.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

aloe vera is my very best friend.

Tanning in Cedar City left me with a playboy bunny, a heart, and a lightning bolt. Also it left me a nasty burn that hurts like a mother. But, it will soon turn into a tan and I like that a whole lot. Plus I got some pretty spicy lines...

Spring break = lack of blogging.
But, I have noted things in my phone I need to blog about so I'll blog soon, probably.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I watched 'The Clique' tonight. An outlandish story of popular girls and a girl who strives to be popular. At first I laughed because High School is really nothing like that. But I as began to think, I realized, in some ways it is. I guess not really in High School because most people know who they are but there are those who don't. They just want to fit it, and they are willing to do anything to be in the in crowd. I am so so so glad that I have never been that girl, who has tried so hard to fit it that she forgotten her morals and who she really is. She will try things she would have never done before, she would have worn clothes that should once had scoffed. So what is it about being popular that everyone wants to be? Is it the boys? Who really wants those boys? Those boys are willing to give anything to girls because they want action. I guess in a way I do understand the urge to be popular. I understand that you want that attention and that 'fun' but I'd rather be popular because I was kind to everyone. In the end it doesn't matter what I wore that one day or who I hung out with that one Friday. So why try to be so popular when they are only noticed for their clothes or their hair?

"Why are you trying so hard to fit in, when you were born to stand out?"
I've always loved this quote from What A Girl Wants because it is so true. Why try so hard to be like everyone else when there is a reason you are different?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

a different kind of handsome.

Old man handsome.
I'll never understand it.
How can you be attracted to an old man? And yet many of us are. (Yes I used the term 'us') I don't understand how it works, does it mean he used to be handsome and you can image it or he is handsome now but he is so old? Lots of people like to use George Clooney as an example of this old man handsome but personally I don't think he is that attractive although I can see where people would think that. Or maybe old man handsome means that if you were your mother you would have loved him when you were younger or possibly that your mother really does love him, secretly. I just don't understand, and yet I do. It's a foggy part of my brain.

So, is there anyone in particular you think is old man handsome?
Please comment.