Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"my mom is here." ( 4 teenagers run down the hall.)

I love Colleen Kirby so much. She is fantastic.
The first time I officially met her, was when she said she liked my evan for artist sticker. I didn't know who she was. Then she introduced herself and I was amazed that she remembered me. Anyway, I just love her and hope that when I am a mom, I will be as cool as colleen, texting my childrens best friends and stalking their dance dates.

Megan lives under a rock, probably. She didn't know that Jesse James cheated on Sandy.

Sandy adopted a black baby and filed for divorce. We like this. We like sandy.

I hate when people don't text me back, it makes me want to eat them.

Kirsten Goodman made me really happy when she reprimanded someone for swearing on their facebook status.

Yes, this is my real hairstyle. I wear it daily. Not just tonight.

I've missed my girls.

I dislike her.

I love when people write on my wall.

When people say my blog makes them laugh aloud, I giggle inside like a school girl. Sometimes I even giggle on the outside.

"I will find you a tuxedo and take you to the prom so you won't be bored, if you wear that puffy pink dress I have. and I'll tell you i like your sleeves."

'Bomb diggity' makes me sound really stupid but it brings me an unmeasurable amount of joy.

when megan comes to lunch with me she says things like 'we always have fruitsnacks' because she is my sister. slash we are dating. slash we break up with each other a lot.

I've moved up in the work work. Now i just sit and watch a laser and take things off.
I'll probably loose a couple falangies. maybe my whole hand. unnecessary? probably.

I love miranda lambert.

Phone calls from Saryn because she read my blog and just wanted to call me is probably the greatest thing of my life.

I'm so attracted to boys that read.

I grind....metal.

Get some. at the ACT.

Name 20 random boys and at one time or another i have probably loved at least 10 of them, maybe more. I often find myself saying, 'I once loved him.'

Megan threatens to cut my tongue out. daily. rude.

Facebook stalking. or rather all stalking is a hobby of mine.
I like knowing creeper things about people.

Being friends with Megans family on facebook makes me happy.

Sometimes my computer fails at life.

Why would I do english homework?

My life wouldn't be complete if it wasn't in the awkward factory.

They will probably be married.

My hands are frozen.

I need sleep.

I'm off.

Toodles. Noodles. Oodles. Moodles? Poodles. Loodles. Aoodles. Doodles.
Oh. Bye.


meg. said...

you flirt with mitchell a lot.
i should tell you to stop.
but continue.
date him.
he isn't 7.
he is 11.
actually i'm not sure.

mickell said...

sorry I didn't text you back.
if you must eat me, i think i should be properly roasted and have a side of some kind of savory gravy

cai.hay said...

I do not flirt with mitchell. he flirts with me and i avoid it. i will not date him. he is a child.

I probably will eat you. with mashed potatoes and gravy, probably. they make everything taste better. even people.

Jessie said...

my life is also in the awkward factory.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know I LOVE colleen kirby so much! She is my aunt but I consider her my second mother. She is pretty much the coolest woman ever!