Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ramblings from my day.

Sometimes. Melissa and I go puddle jumping. When was the last time I played with that girl? Who knows? Not me.

I love dancing in the rain.

Sometimes I can't feel my hand because a girl is holding it so tight.
Sometimes she won't let me dance, and i am sad.
I enjoyed her though.

I was the only youth with a group of like 8 adults tonight. Cool. It was awkward.

I love love love sister boyce. I have forgotten how I am obsessed with her.

I shoud probably shower. I'm really muddy from puddles.
It will be my 3rd shower today. fun.

Russ wouldn't let us do a rain dance in radio.
He also said no to a siesta.

Prom? No thanks. I'm having a fiesta with Mandi Call. We'll probably eat all american spanish rice.
"spanish rice is all american."
"spanish rice is not all american."
"oh yeah."

I love doing radio shows with mandi. we play old school songs and then dance to them in the corner, awkwardly of course.
We talk over each other and we say things like playboy bunny but then apologize to russ for it, on the radio of course.

I really like how we are getting pretty pro at making radio shows.

Sometime, I work, I look like a boy and use power tools.
It's alright. You can be attracted to me.
They let me use the ones that spark sometimes, and also they once let me us the forklift.

I listen to T-swift when I use my powertools, which makes everything even better.

Texting Mickell makes me really happy.

I'm going to go shower, I smell like wet dog, probably.


miss mandi said...

and stalking teachers.
and being all american.
and russ.
we like him.
i like you.
no. i love you.
is all.

Jessie said...

russ mayo is a great man.
also, i read your blog and hi.

cai.hay said...

Oh. we love russ.
I read your blog too. hello. let's be friends. sometimes i see you in the halls and feel real creepy. but i like it.