Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break 2010.

Wanna know what I did this spring break?
Ate rasberry shorbet.
Avoided work.
Went to work.
Cleaned Tibbs.
Got some spoonage with Megan.
Megan liked cayden more than me.
Watched 4 hours of Glee.
Went to shock therapy.
Went to work.
Malled it up with Johanna and Jesse.
Wore masks on the way home.
Scared people.
Saw Dear John.
Cried in the movie theater.
Saw my 2nd grade love, and avoided him.
Talked with Kendra while she had Dairy-smelling hair.
Was late for curfew.
Got the awkward hole cut out of my hair.
Got yelled at by a leader.
Dominated in a scavenger hunt.
Got shock therapy again.
Rented Glee.
Drove to St. George with Children.
Watched Glee.
Visted Saryn.
Ate at Ihop.
Watched Glee.
Got woken by children.
Was late and looked homeless.
Held Dillon on his monkey leash.
Colored Dinosaur pictures.
Bought a new swimming suit.
Drove on the freeway with the windows down singing.
Went to a track meet.
Saw another one of my old loves.
Fell in love with a 13 year old.
Fell in a ditch.
Spooned with Haley.
Took pictures of a gingers head.
Argued with my parents.
Jumped on the trampoline.
Failed at crack the egg.
Worked on my toe touches.
Looked like bam bam.
Went tanning.
Got a massive sunburn.
Rode in the cougar.
Honked at SUU football players doing service.
Was afraid of the diving board.
Fell in love with Vanilla Icees.
Slept in the car.
Aruged with Children.
Hugged Megan.
Went to Spoon Me.
Visited Wellington 4.
Visited Cayden Brown.
Went to church.
Watched Glee.
Took a four hour nap.
Ate delicious food.
Watched Sidney White.
And here I am, blogging.

Not too shabby of a spring break, I'd say.
Tomorrow, back to reality. Merh.