Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today is April 28. 2010, probably.

Oh hello. here I am... sitting in biology. done with my CRT testing for the day with nothing to do with my life. So, I shall blog.

I like work these days, no longer dread going in and actually sometimes look forward to it.

I hate Mother Nature. Doesn't she know it is almost May? yeesh.

When it's windy, I like that my hair doesn't really get messed up.

I love the feeling of short hair, it feels like I always have my hair up in a ponytail but I don't. I like it, hair is a nusiance.

I love when Megan quotes me on her blog. It makes me feel funny.

conversations with your best friends are always exciting.

I love when i can give people therapy. I love when people tell me their problems.

I want to be best friends with Jessie Marquis. pretty sure we have alot in common.

Lunch is always the highlight of my day.

Sleeping in class is a hobby of mine.

yesterday I wrote a note in 3 out of 4 classes. All to megan, of course.

Mandi got asked to prom and now the fiesta is off. Dangggit.

I miss provo and need to be there immediately.

texting in class is always exciting. I love when I get funny messages or pictures that make me laugh aloud.

I hate poetry. and my english class.

ratting my hair brings me joy. also, fohawks.

"we are in love."

Sometimes I am convinced I am a child.

I went to bed early last night. 10:00. be proud.

Glee brings me joy. I'm so attracted to Finn.

Sometimes I have really good dreams about attractive males.

I'm excited to be a junior leader this year.

k bye.


miss mandi said...

no. no. fiesta is still on!
next week?
also. morp?

Jessie said...

Jessie Marquis is me.
I think we'd get along nicely.