Saturday, April 17, 2010

we laugh.

It's probably time to get some quotes out of my phone so...

Here's some really old ones I found from Mickell.

"Acapturing(v): Something done to dinosaurs"

"admitting, accepting, architechture of time machine, aquirment of dinosaur"

Alright now quotes from my phone from mickell.

"what? spongebobby is handsome, i'd want to look at him."

"I'm turning you in."

"Normal people aren't afraid of every like you. I'd be flattered and probably start singing stacy's mom or something."

"You always listen when facebook talks."

"I think my new goal is to use the word NAKED as often as possible in texts because it scares you for a minute."

"Quite frankly I don't know why we don't use my proximity to his house to stalk his every move."

"Which couch? My couch? We were practically engaged. OUr physical relationship was great, but he liked other bodies too much."

"Me too. Child bearing hips. Check. Dwight might like my body. Or yours."

"Wow wish you hadn't fallen off the face of the planet. Congrats on accomplishing the impossible because our planet isn't square. hence faceless."

"Oh so it's awkward because you jumped on him?"

"Oh so now you're just gonna drop the b word like it's nobodys business? Stop with the language or we can't continue chatting!" Oh don't fret. The b word is babies.

"How do you expect your bodies to be destiny if you never get them together?"

And now some prime texts from megan.

"what a snot face. Pinch him."

"can I have your head sitting on my nightstand?"

"Cute couples.. off with their heads."

"I'm going to sew your mouth shut while you are in deep slumb er, and if you unstich it, i will chop your tongue off, just in case, then with that I'll send it to Meat boy informing him that you will never song. I will also attach a letter to your tongue that meat boy is holding that has instructions to inform the football team you are unkissable. I dare you to say you will snog ausin one more time or this will be the consequence."

"Oh you are fussy."

"He is adorable. I want a baby. I'll sell it once it's not cute."

"Hello, what am i? chopped gizzard?"

"merh. everyone eats my happiness."

"i'll curl into fetal position in your tummy then quickly expand all limbs, therefore making you explode."

"I don't think they sell human muzzles at the pet store I'm not an animal, cailey haynie. Don't you dare throw in a turtle joke right now."

"I knew you had a crush on me."

"Check rita. Your boogies are all over. They look like asians. They look like you."

"I saw a boy picking his nose today and thought of you."

"its a fact. Why would you doubt my facts? Do you doubt moses?"

"when you have your first kiss, you better think of me."

"I always think of you at the most inappropriate times."