Friday, April 30, 2010

we stalk therefore we are? probably not in this case.

I LOVE stalking celebrities. I'm not sure why but I always want to know what they are up to. I always know the latest on Sandy (probably because we are secretly best friends) and a lot of the other celebs. I love it is probably one of my favorite websites.

Also, I love love love reality shows. I love the drama. The more ridiculous is it, the more I love it. Ever seen Jerseylicious? I love it. It is so ridiculous, girls crying because they have to cut off their fake nails, girls being catty, it's insane but I love it.
The hills? Love that too. Love the drama.
Dallas divas and daughters? Watched it constantly. I loved it when the mothers hated each other and when the girls were bratty.
I don't understand why but I just can't get enough of reality shows. I get such a kick out of them.