Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Well this made my day.

"mother will you call and excuse me please? I don't feel good." I said into the phone as I stood next to Megan in the hall.

As I turned the corner I saw his baseball hat and was taken aback. I put my head down, not excpecting conversation but as I walked,willing myself not to drool, he spoke.
"where are you going?" His side smile made my mind go blank.
"home." I stated, trying to remember to breathe.
"I'm telling whimpy you're sluffing." he joked.
"Hey, you sluffed the other day. I saw you and then you weren't there." I replied, probably sounding real creepy.
"A couple weeks ago." wow. even creepier cailey, congrats.
"Whatever, I've never sluffed."
The door closed then and I continued walking, hyperventalating and frantically calling Megan.


meg. said...

this sounds more creepy the second time. i'm proud to call you my best friend.