Monday, May 17, 2010

Anger anyone? I've got some.

I don't remember that last time my fingers weren't all cut up from work.
I really dislike that.
Call me a girl (i've been called worse...) but I hate when my fingernails are dirty from work. It really annoys me.

anonymous commenter. You're really really cool. Incase you were wondering, your comment meant nothing to me. "you will never belong with the kirbys." really? was it supposed to hurt? It didn't. You're lame.

I really hate when teachers remind you of book reports just 2 days before they are due. No, I haven't finished my book. I don't even have time to breathe, let alone read.

The waiting game is really annoying.

I hate that I feel guilty when I take a nap.
I hate that I feel guilty when I miss a little bit of work.
I hate that. Since when did I become a working adult? Pretty sure just a few weeks ago I was a teenager who took naps daily. Meeerrrrrrrhhhhh.

The end of the school year is really pointless. There are so many other things I need to be doing besides watching young frankenstein you imbicile.

Paying parking tickets makes me want to jump off a cliff. Except I'll have to find a cliff because apparently there are none tall enough around here. what is that about?

I miss kendra a ridiculous amount. She's only been gone for two weeks and I feel like it's already been a month or more. Merh.
Just come home already!!!

I hate when you take a million notes during class. So many that your hand is always cramping but you can't stop writing or else you will get behind. Normally, I like taking notes, I do. But not when the teacher goes so fast you can't even breathe.

I wish I had the guts to leave class. It bothers me that I don't. Anyone know where I can find some courage?

Well. I believe thats enough anger for now.


Anonymous said...

You do belong with the kirbys! We love you Cailey!

Anonymous said...

You do belong with the kirbys! We love you Cailey!

the carlisle said...

how much do i love this? oh ya. a lot. anger? yes please. i find it the easiest way to get things out. if you skip class, go tanning and get your butt to daylight donuts. it really brightens any day. when teachers say "book reports" in reality i hear "spark notes." guilt does you no good; own that nap. and the end of the year is pointless. it's life. just think of hair. that's what i do. i get mine cut this/next week. that's all that's getting me through. and graduation. but hair.
i think i win an award for the most consecutive longest comments ever award.
and when all else fails: chocolate.