Thursday, May 20, 2010

'asian wearing a vote for pedro hat'

We like asians, we do. when we see them, we text each other.

Can we please just all sing and dance for the fact that I have an A in biology?!?!?! I never thought I would see the day!

Sometimes my father and I go on a date to get my passport. we ride the scooters and go to costco. while we wait, we go find all the good samples.

I have a purple addiction. Is there a club for people like that?

Ever felt an odd desire to clean? Today is one of those days. I cleaned my bedroom, the bathroom, vacuumed, cleaned the fridge, did laundry, am still doing laundry, and even folded jaden's laundry.

Ok, maybe i'm just a weirdie. and a clean freak. like when i wash all the markers before I put them in the box in spirit team.

I like walkers drinks. especially if they are free. Or 74 cents during the month of may.

I'm so excited to see everyone tommorrow.

getting ready and wearing clothes is so unnecessary.

sometimes i get lost while driving and i almost cry.

Pizza Pie Cafe=
seriously. so good.

Sometimes I see Edward at pizza pie and when I talk to him my father looks concerned and then asks who he is.

I hope he doesn't capture me and put me in a van. bahahaha such a great night.

anxiously awaiting kendra's email.

Sometimes Katie calls me and I remember how obsessed I am with her and how much I miss her.
-the late night singing in my room.
-planning to be married to david archuleta and ryan secrest.
-getting locked in her car.
-our morning chats while one of us was in the shower and the other was doing their hair.
-without love!
-AI nights.
-ice cream runs.
-sacrament meetings where all we did was talk.
-checking out attractive males.
-talking about her hot dates.
-running into each others' rooms and beginning to sing real loud.
-deciding she could NOT name her daughter after me because we're sisters.
-being excited about her new bedspread. haha.
-This is why i'm hot. This is why i'm hot. hahhahahahhaha.
-'I hate that stupid old pickup truck you always made me drive'
-dancing and dipping in my room.
-jumping up and down excitedly.

Greatest thing of my life, katie living here.


the carlisle said...

pizza pie cafe is spectacular. i heart it a lot. and clothes are definitely unnecessary. i second that motion. maybe someday i will see you at costco, because my family goes there a lot. hmm. i heart this.