Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"eating books is healthy." megan

Sometimes instead of going to school, I babysit dillon. He likes me. We cuddle. and each lunch together.

It's been raining. Let's go puddle jumping.

I love bean bag chairs. I sleep in them sometimes, on accident.

When it's hot at work, I go stand in the rain.

Crazy mothers make me happy. It's funny at dance competitons, all the mothers wearing their daughters names and such. So great.
Also, the pageant moms on television.

I'll probably be a crazy dance mom, just for fun.

I'm gonna make my mom a shirt for my dance concert. With my name on it, a heart around it. and a cute saying. ideas for that? comment.

I'm hungry.

I'll see Saryn on sunday, for a whole 8 hours, practically. I'm excited.

Jaden's going through the temple tomorrow night and his farewell is on sunday.
Probably I'll cry.
If you come, bring tissues.
Lots of them.

I tell evan I sit in his window sills and stalk him. He likes it.

Carrie Underwood makes me happy.
I wish I could sing like her.
Plus, she's a babe.
And is marrying a hockey player.
She's got a big rock on her finger.

Circus Animal cookies are delicious. I feel five when I eat them.