Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"I can see how this can be addicting." russ mayo

Thank-you, random asian man, for telling me good job. I appreciate you and your kindness. It made my day brighter.

Sometimes after work I have a safety glasses line of dirt on my face. Ew.
I got a blister on my finger. merh.

Today has been such a long day.

I listened to 24 out of 38 taylor swifts songs on my ipod.

We stalk russ' family blog, because he tells us to find it.

XL mens t-shirt and baggie pajama pants. yesss.

I'm anxiously awaiting Kendra's email.

Cinnamon toast crunch for dinner. mmm.

The thought of my very own pair of gloves makes me real excited. I hope they are purple.

I have too many purple things to count. It's my favorite color, you know.
Purple comb.
Purple pencil I use daily.
I used to have a purple phone, spongebobbi.
Purple keds.
Purple jacket.
Purple flip flops.
Purple nail polish.
About 7 purple shirts.
Purple blowdryer.
Purple sticker on my phone.

I really really really love purple.

Cooler than me--Mike Posner

Paramore. enough said.


the carlisle said...

so i kind of like your blog. a lot. it reminds me of candy.
and your fohawk excites me.
no, it's not as weird as people think. my best friend in 9th grade had a fohawk, and i envied it every second of my life. i probably envy yours, i just don't know it yet. I still haven't gotten around to getting my hair cut that short, but maybe I'll try it when I go to college. but maybe not. anyway, you = rocks.