Thursday, May 20, 2010

"I can't imagine anything greater than ________ waving at you at costa vida." --my dad.

As I saw the car, I thought to myself, I wonder if Freddie is here. As I walked inside, I saw him. I almost peed my pants.
"megan. look look look look look." i was ridiculously excited.
We stared at him for quite some time, each time him seeing us. We would look away but then go right back to staring.
As I looked to him, he was staring at me!!!!
"megan. he was just staring at me!" I said in a loud whisper.
This happened quite some time.
Our awkward staring at each other went on for quite some time. Then, he was about to leave and I was about to pay. We looked at each other and he waved!!!!
Probably, we're in love.