Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Is booty shaking appropriate at these things?"

Sometimes, instead of attendance school I go to the Orchestra concert.
Megan plays the chello on my face, and I realize Megan is a dweeb. I still like her though.
Although there were a million different things I would have rather been doing, including scratching my eyes out and drowning, I admire those orchestra kids. I wish I had the talent they did. And I wish I enjoyed orchestra concerts, but I just don't. I'm sorry.

Sometimes, because of my child-like attention span, I row the boat and shimmy while the orchestra plays.

No explanation needed.

Why would I go to work when I could sleep? I wouldn't.
If that made sense...

Have any of you seen it? It is fabulous. So much makeup, hairspray, cat fights, and lovely accents. You gotta watch it. I thoroughly enjoy it.

I miss Kendra. Apparently she's found me a husband from Africa, named Wisdom. I feel really really good about that.

7 followers. Whats up.
(megan. Don't say anything.)

My jaw hurts. and my hand.


meg. said...

cello, you twit.

the carlisle said...

we can most definitely be friends after this post. and i do enjoy your fohawk. :)