Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lehi Roller Mills.

Funny how there is opposition in all things.
How, yesterday, was a terrible day all around and I felt awful, but today has been lovely.
-I woke up and showered, only to avoid attendance school and sleep some more.
-Since I already showered, I woke up at seven.
-Skinny jeans, massive sweatshirt, and keds.
-A great song was on the radio in the car.
-I got a good parking spot.
-I checked my email to find a lovely blog comment.
-Biology didn't completely bore me.
-I took a nap in math, only to be awoken by a boy staring at me creepily. His goal was to make me laugh, and he succeded.
-I cleaned in spirit team.
-Lunch by yourself is oddly fantastic.
-Email from Kendra!!!!
-Talking to Saryn always makes my day brighter.
-blogging makes me happy.
-And now, off to seminary.

Good Wednesday and it's only 12:36