Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let's ramble.

When we have sleepovers, sometimes Megan wakes me up by stroking my cheek. She's a creeper.

My life goal was fulfilled yesterday. yess.

Mexico in T minus 5 days. Oh baby.

Tanning salons. i like them.

At work, we have war head eating contests. I had 11 in my mouth at one time.

I really like when we all end up in the front office, talking and eating candy.

Dale, he buys me my very own PURPLE gloves. I almost cry with joy.

Random snow cone runs, they are nice. I dye my lips red with my island strawberry.

Sometimes my shoelaces break. Merh.

Tonight, i will burn my school work. I can't wait.

The tanned star on my stomach is nice.

enchiladas. nuff said.

makeup and real clothes are so unnecessary.

Tomorrow, i'm getting my hair done. My favorite thing in the world.

SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER. Does anyone else feel like screaming this song at the top of your lungs and running around? I do.

Mickell and I, we solve life mysteries.

Megan knows all sorts of weird thing about computers. She tells me and it goes right over my head.

Sometimes when I let my hair air-dry I get these really weird waves.

I hate when I'm all ready, in my swimsuit, and then the pool isn't open. MERH!

Well. This rambling session is done. Until I think of something else.


mickell said...

And you give me crap about tanning...

the carlisle said...

ooh haha okay school's out. that song. me and my best friends (now not so much best friends cuz ya) but we used to scream that song really loud until we couldn't anymore and then we'd eat icecream and ride around in my convertible. that song has a really special place in my heart. the one by alice cooper wins.