Friday, May 7, 2010

"No more threatening to run away to mexico, canada has spoon me."

Sometimes two of my good friends hold hands. I enjoy it.

Tomorrow, Mickell will be 19, and Jesse will be 16. Wahoo!

Slumber party? Yessss please.

I've watched A LOT of disney channel today. I'm a dweeb. I like it.
I heart the disney channel so much.
I love cheesiness.
So much, I tivo all the new episodes. i'm real excited for the new suite life on deck tonight. and wizards.

I really really love Canada, although I'm not sure why I am so obsessed. I hear it is really really cold. Maybe because Justin Bieber is from there? Maybe because thats where the moose are? Who knows? Not me.

Can I please slap a boy out of anger? That's my goal in life.

The burmuda triangle sounds nice.

I love sleeping in awkward positions.
Probably why I love sleeping in cars.

I'm so attracted to David Beckham.


Sometimes Megan and I wrestle. I dominate her.

E! News. yess. Gulianna Rancic.

Disaster date is pretty funny. I secretly wish my friends would put me on that show.

Lindsay Lohan needs to eat some food. She is making me sick.

I'm rather obsessed with celebrities. Stalking them is addiciting.

Sometimes I have weird dreams that I have a baby.

I love Khloe and Lamar. They are adorable together.

My jaw hurts. Real bad.

Lady Gaga is a freak. I'm afraid of her.
You should be too.

Heidi Montag looks so weird!
Spencer has gone crazy.
I love the hills.