Tuesday, May 18, 2010

oh hey. blog post # 2. avoiding homework, probably.

Kirby's. I just cannot say enough about how much I love them all.

Sometimes jo spills so we don't let her touch things.

Also, Kassie spits food.

We meet Robert and like him. We'll keep him.

I spill moose bars on my sweatshirt.

Kassie decides my sweatshirt is too low.

Sometimes people look like nomes and we laugh real hard.

I say hello and ten minutes later kenna realizes I'm there.

Sometimes I read so much my head wants to explode. And I'm still not done. stupid english.

"what you're having a love affair with mexico behind my back?!?!"

Evan makes us food. It's delicious. We all have to apologize to him for doubting.

It still seems like there are 3 months left of school. Summer, come faster.

I didn't even get to do a rain dance or go puddle jumping. Stupid work.

I really love comments. You should probably comment more, if you're reading this.

People wear odd button headbands. I like it. Maybe I'll paste a button to my head? I feel good about that.

I wish things were like that all the time. They were perfect.

My best friend in the ENTIRE world, yeah, it's her 18th birthday tomorrow. And I won't even see her.

Stupid internet. STOP THIS NONSENSE.

Imma snarf you.

I'm craving some chubby hubby right about now.

Sometimes I post creepy pictures on my private blog.

Skinny jeans and a big sweatshirt tomorrow? I think so.
Probably the clothes are the only good thing about cold.

"Oh man. If I had a helicopter my stalking would be so much more efficient."
I really need a helicopter.

"It was awesome. I threw up after."--Kassie.

Alright. I guess I should probably go to bed now. meeerrrrrrhhhhhh.

"sometimes cailey barks at the dog."
"no, i didn't bark. all i did was merh."


Kassie said...

Pretty much love you Cailey Haynie. :)

Anonymous said...

very much enjoyed this post! -Evan