Thursday, May 20, 2010

oh hey thursday. I like you.

What a fantastic day.

A list for you:

  • Not disecting frogs in Biology, but rather watching and trying not to gag.
  • 100/100 on my tesolation
  • playing with nicky's hair in math.
  • befriending mari.
  • jared texting me, telling me of good deals at quiksilver.
  • leaving spirit team.
  • watching wife swap instead of being in third period.
  • A letter of my VERY OWN from Kendra.
  • costa with megan.
  • freddie waving at me.
  • scooter ride with megan instead of school.
  • grinding...metal.
  • a wierd but good music mood.
  • this providence.
  • cold costa vida.
  • my dad stating; 'wow, I can't think of anything better than freddie waving at you at costa."
  • dillon.
  • dance.
  • new, five dollar roxy sweatshirt.
  • a letter from DAVID PRATT!!!
  • blogging.

I'm a fan, thursday.