Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh. I enjoy you people.

Sometimes, we have family prayer at the Kirby's house. i like the kirby's.
It took us 4 tries to say the prayer.
The first try, Mandi blessed that Evan would stop stroking her elbow. I almost peed my pants on that one.
Sometimes Colleen wears a mustache. I burst into laughter.
I like Ian and Mckenna.
I like that when I go to the Kirby's, Colleen begins to feed me.
Mckenna and I discuss homework. I fail.
Mckenna and I are best friends. I love hanging out at their house.
Ian wears footie pajamas.
Where do i get some of those?
Jo makes a mess everyday at the kirbys.
We quote Glozell because she is my hero.
Mckenna knows things about our love lifes.
I really really love the kirby family.

We yell, 'Megan! You're a babe!' out the window to megan call.
I said she could come. Mandi said no.
I like her a whole lot.
Mandi's dad gives me the third degree. We're friends now. I like it.
Her mother sits on the bathtub and eats popcorn while we get Mandi ready for prom.

I love these people a whole lot.


miss mandi said...

i like your brother.
and the kirbys.
they are my second family.