Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Wedgies happen."

In life, things happen that you can't really help. like wedgies. Sometimes you just got to deal with it.
Evan and I make up quotes about life sometimes. Wedgies happen.
It all started when I threatened to give him a wedgie. He then said, hey. wedgies happen. It grew from there.

"I need to pee, Jo needs a tampon. I can't wait to go camping."

Sometimes Jaden rents a movie and when we try to watch it we realize that it's only in Spanish or Portuguse. I laugh aloud.

I love Kassie Hymas a whole lot.

I'm probably dying. I can't breathe. My head hurts real bad. merrrh.

In dance, I lay on mats.

I'm a pirate. Kirsi is a pirate cheerleader, I think.

I need to sleep. Except I might die in my sleep from my lack of breathing.

I like watching my fingers while I type.
Also, I love taking typing tests. When I was in elementry, whenever we would get to play games I would take typing tests instead. Sometimes when I'm really bored I take them.

I'm going deaf, I bet.

I hear noise. I hope my father is making me a smoothie.