Sunday, May 16, 2010

"when you put water on the fire, you get branded." -- evan

I love the Kirby's. So much.
Sometimes we have bonfires at their house and make s'mores.
It's really nice.
Colleen tells me that pants that give you wedgies are the best.
It's weird to be on the other end of the spectrum where my friends are the ones kicking their little siblings out. I've always been the little sibling that got kicked out. But now, I'm the one friend telling them to let them stay. i feel really weird.

School is almost out. hallelujah.

There are so many other things I need to be doing today but instead, here I am, avoiding english class and blogging.

low 80 degrees make me really really REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY happy.


Anonymous said...

you dont belong with the kirby's. and never will.

miss mandi said...

I probably love the kirbys. and also. you aren't the only one who likes to have the sibs stay.
i do. they are probably my sibs too.
sometimes. i hang out and their house all day long. is all.
i love the kirbys too.
and anonymous commenter could use some help on grammar.