Monday, May 3, 2010

"you must be a reptile." -mickell.

Sometimes randomly Mickell texts me that. I laugh real hard. Apparently reptiles are natural born stalkers? yup. Definietly me. At the age of 5, at my brothers wedding, I followed my sisters in laws nephew asking him to dance with me. He wouldn't. He was afraid. Also, I was convinced I was going to marry Michael Jordan. Yup. Baby Cailey and Teenage Cailey are exactly alike.

There have been some really funny quotes while texting today.

"probably but you can call me doctor love."
"oh you're cute. stop flirting with me."
WOW.Those two sound sketch next to each other but they were different conversations!
"you are a womb-bound creeper."
-Megan Abel.

"Well other than the whole dinosaur thing... I just learned reptiles are natural born stalkers."
"Probably a crocodile. You have a song. Never smile at a crocodile, never say hello and stop to talk a while (or else she'll stalk you"
"You don't even remember that movie you manky gaffer."
-Mickell Jespersen.

I have funny friends.

I got a lot done today.

Kassie blogs about me sometimes. I'm rather obsessed with that girl.

Texting Kendra quotes makes me happy.
I'll visit her tomorrow and probably cry because she is off to africa on wednesday.

My dear, I do not like you like that. Let's not be awkward, please?

The house that built me. -- miranda lambert.

We watch NCIS for family home evening sometimes.

Lehi Rollermills sweatshirts.

Fruit by the foot. yesss. I wonder if it is really a foot long? We'll check sometime.

I clean Tibbs out.

Taco Amigo for lunch. oh baby.

I break up my engagement.
We like each other again.

Grinding metal.

Laced with brillant smiles and shining eyes.
Places you have come to fear the most always reminds me of when Jaden had a radio show and I would call in and request that.

Cooler than me. I enjoy that song immensely.

Who goes to history? Not I.

'Uh. I came up with a bad case of bronchitis.'

sometimes I almost make jesse fall off the back of the scooter.

i hate shoes when it's warm.

Grilled chicken and salad.

Today was not a terrible monday.


Jameson said...

I do believe there is 3 feet of goodness in a fruit by the foot.