Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"if thats his head and that is his shoulders than what are you elbowing?"

It does good things for me.
I love those ladies.

Secrets; one republic.

So you think you can dance.
Alex and Twitch.

Guess who will be in Salt Lake this Friday?
Christopher Drama Paff.
I'm in love with him.
Jenna and I are planning to go to the meet and greet.

I'll ask him for an autograph for my brother on his mission in california, he will then ask me about missions and I will tell him. I will convert him and we will be married. No big deal.
His shirt? No because it's mens. He will know. We don't want him to think I'm a cross dresser...
Now what?!
Someone help me!

Free Victoria Secret things are nice.

We're nerds. We read a lot. I like it.
"nerds need love too."
I want this shirt from XXI
I love that place.

I need a haircut, I have a mullet. It's gotta stop.

Taryn sometimes tells really great stories.
I like them.

I don't have much else to say.
But, I am FREAKING excited about meeting Drama.
Probably I will barf.
Or hyperventilate.
Or both.
Or cry.
Or faint.
I'm just that cool.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Only 3 weeks passed.

I've been waiting for it. I knew it was coming.

It all begins with soco amaretto lime.
I'm glad it's dark, then no on sees the tears gleaming in my eyes.
It hurts.
Then, as I read Jenna's post, it all hits me and the tears begin to flow.
I sob uncontrollably for a while.

There are so many things he is going to miss.
ALL my important dating years.
The next season of Fantasy Factory.
The kids growing up.
Me growing up.
My highschool graduation.
The dances of mine.
My 17th birthday.
My 18th birthday.
Where do I go for boy advice?
What do I do when I don't know what to wear?
Who will tell me I look ridiculous and to put on some real clothes?
Who will I fight with over dishes?

Things are weird. I'm the only one not married at the family events.

He never finished teaching me how to drive a stick.

There will be no more moments where he dances in the kitchen, and I tell him to stop dancing, but not before he tells me they call him the smooth criminal.
2 more years will pass before he tells me to listen to this great song on his ipod.

There won't be anymore times when he picks me up to go to lunch, just because.
There won't be times when we go to dinner because mom and dad are on a date.
Or when we go to the mall together.

He won't get a song stuck in my head because he was singing it in the kitchen.
I can't fight over the t.v.
No more playing the new video game we got for christmas almost non stop during the break.

Now, I laugh at moms' jokes on my own.
But each time, it makes me sad because he's not here to laugh with me and tell her that wasn't funny. When she asks why we're laughing we would say because it was so dumb. But really it was funny.

I remember listening to mix tape by brand new with him and cali, in the car.
I remember it like it was yesterday.
He began talking about the Golden Boyz.
We were in the van, going somewhere, I don't even remember. But I remember everything else so clearly.

I wish he would've stayed 18 forever.

I don't want him to be different when he comes back.
I want the same Jaden that left.
I want the same sense of humor.
I want the same taste in music.
I want the same obsessions.
He'll be weird, of course, for a while.
But I hope he's the same after.

He's different already, I could tell in the 1 minute I talked to him on the phone. I can't explain how but he was. It was a good different though, the kind a missionary needs to be.

I miss him so much it hurts.
Sometimes I can't help but just sob.
I know what he is doing is right, and I'm so proud of him.
But that doesn't take it away.

3 weeks down.

I don't even know.

I feel wierd.
In some sort of rut.
I can't explain it.
It doesn't even make sense to me.
I take drives by myself and sing loudly, to get away.


This one boy, whom shall remain nameless, keeps sneaking in on my dreams.
It has got to stop.
E'ry night I dream about him.
Stop intruding on my dreams child!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

These are the nights.

I will never forget.

The warm, summer nights when we sit on the BK and laugh.
The ones where we never stop laughing.
The ones where the lack of sleep makes me insane, which is alright because I'm with my best friends.
The nights when cookies are consumed then regretted as the sugar rush begins.

I won't forget when we plan our week on Sunday nights, an event everyday because we can.
Dates are planned.
Pool trips and sleepovers are ahead of me.

Rolling on the floor happens.
As do dead arms.
We laugh.
Some of us snort.
Quotes happen:
"I'm putting this on my blog."-brendan
"You don't have a blog."-cailey
"Well I'm making one. This will be my first post. Dating men in jail."-brendan.

My living room becomes our hang out, and I love that.

These are the nights: Making April.

"Cause these are the nights that you know when youre there You couldn't have planned it much better I swear and you hope That your senses arent failing you now And you think to yourself now I could be wrong But I might have just stolen this scene from a song and you know That your senses aren't failing you now"

Alright, so this song is a love song. If you listened to it all, you would realize. But, I feel like the chorus applies right now in my life.

I am LOVING life.
I'm so grateful for the friends I have.
I'm so grateful for my family.

a witty title won't come to me due to the fact that I am in need of sleep. So, here's a post.

Megan often tells me to eat babies.
I have to tell her that it's not ok.
She says she bets they taste like steak.

When Jesse asks me how to spell Chile, I say: 's..." then realize there is no s in chile.

I heart Jenna Vizina.
I like when we have girls night and get pizza and watch movies.
We fail at frosting cupcakes, it's exciting.

Cotton candy icecream?
Best thing ever.
I eat like a child, I'm aware.

Brother Eyring?
He's hysterical.
I love when he teaches our class.
We talk about Bathsheba.

I don't like getting reprimanded.
Especially by her.

My mother, she approves of her future son in law. She thinks he is handsome.

I like them a whole lot.
I wear them to church.
They have acai berries on them.
I eat acai yogurt at spoon me.

I make my parents stay after to help my stalk my future husband while my wing-woman, Jo leaves.

You may begin to call me that.

Man I love that kid.

Cocoa dino bites are delicious.
I eat them e'ry meal, practically.

Sunday afternoons= naps. yeah buddy.

I hate when facebook fails me.

I hate when 14 year olds are attractive.
It makes me feel weird.

Jo, she is OBSESSED with the world cup.

I'm so attracted to David Beckham.
If he wasn't married, I'd snatch him.

We can all be a little excited about this.

Sometimes I get letters from him. Me, not my family. Me. I jump for joy inside.

Probably Jenna is replacing Jaden with me.
Probably I'm replacing Jaden with Jenna.
But only for two years.

I'm off to sleep.
Nighty night? Except it's afternoon...

"did you feed the orphans yet?"- meg says to me when i try to wake her up.

Youth Conference 2010: you have failed me.

Basically, it was really lame.
All we did was play sports outside for three days straight. Not my idea of fun.
But, it had some good moments, like when Jesse and I take naps on the grass. Or when we play chinese volleyball and have awkward moments.
The best thing about youth conference was Friday night.
It was Epic to say the least.

We stole Icecream from some boys.
Then, when our spoons broke, we continued eating it like savages; with our hands. It was amazing. Ice cream is so much better when eaten without utensils. Even the ice cream hangover the next morning was worth it.

Also, we play BS while scantily clad.
We like it.
What happens in dorm rooms, stays in dorm rooms?
Or goes on my blog...

I guess earlier, I lied. The ACTUAL best thing about youth conference was meeting my future husband and secretly stalking him.
(check the post before this for info)

I like rooming with Jesse.
It's real nice.
When we do scavenger hunts, we sleep because we're outcasts.

Sometimes at 5:00 in the morning the fire alarm goes off, we have to evacuate.
Cool Beans.
Makes me want to poke my eyes out.

I wear footie pajamas to outside movies and Jesse and I spoon.

We're in love. well, i am at least.

Let's review this child, shall we?
-plays guitar.
-speaks spanish.

Can he get any more attractive? I submit that he cannot.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I hate this.

I hate the way it feels.
I hate the feeling.
I hate the thought.
I hate the tears that in brings.
I hate the anger I hold.
I hate it all.
I wish it was gone.
I wish I could will it to leave.
I hate the insecurity it both brings and suggests.
I wish they would understand.
I wish they could walk a mile, so they would know.
I hate that they think they understand.
I hate it. All of it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Prolly I'm a little obsessed with Kassie Hymas.
We met the real Kassie tonight.
We loved it.
She ate fruitsnacks like a wild woman.
And, ate the rest of my burger, that had touched my mouth. You never thought that would happen, did ya?!
Well. It did.
I like her alot.
"Next time, I'll pay" said in unison, Kassie and I.

Monday, June 21, 2010

7 is the next 17? clearly.

Megan and I, we turn 7 sometimes.
It began with a text, a genius idea, really. "can we jump on the tramp with sprinklers?"
Megan replied with an excited yes.
I got my suit on and drove to megan's my bam-bam hair bouncing as I sang to my ipod.
I turned on the hose and got on the tramp, jumping in excitement.
You know when things aren't as great as you remember them to be? I was afraid this experience would be like that, but no. It was JUST as good as I remember, possibly even more so.
Tricks were first. Who had the coolest ones? Well I'm bias towards me, of course.
Then, childish games were a must. Steamroller, spill the beans, and who gets the bounce were among them.
By then, we were acting like children. Our conversations went as so.
"No. It's my house, I get to choose what we do."- megan.
"I'm the guest. I get to choose."-me
"just go home."
"i'm telling my mom."
We laughed as we reminisced on our lives as 7 year olds; locking people in closets and being bossy.
Kool-Aid is a must on a hot summer day as a child, and we contemplated selling it on the side of the road. We drank out of martini glasses, trying to act older.
I spilt on my swimsuit, just as a child would.
We had blue mustaches, just like children.
We sat outside and drank Kool-Aid, nothing on our mind, no worries because for a second, we were really back to the 2nd grade.
Then, back to the tramp to play. We jumped, and squirted each other with water. When the 2 Quarts of Kool-Aid we just drank caught up to us, we did as any 7 year old would do. But thats up to your interpretation...
We did donkey-kicks and jumped on our backs, we sprayed each other with the hose, and we dared each other.
Then, our age finally caught up to us and it was time to go home, for scooter rides and stalking.
But, just for the afternoon, we really were 7. We didn't care about boys, or money, or cars, or anything of that sort. We didn't worry about how our hair looked or if we had blue mustaches, we just laughed and enjoyed each other.
It was an amazing day.

My father.

Well. It's fathers day.
My dad is better than yours.
Sorry bout it.

My dad is amazing, I can't even tell you. He has such an amazing testimony of the gospel and each day I am amazed at how much he loves the Lord. He was an amazing bishop, loved by so many people in the ward. The grandkids love him, and he is always up for playing with them. He is hysterical, always keeping me laughing. I always have such a great time with him. We often get into 'fights' in the kitchen, slapping and punching. (it's not as violent as it sounds..)
He is always there to cheer me up, to talk to me, and to give me a hug when I need one. (plus, he gives the best hugs.) I loved when he would take me to school, before I could drive. When in junior high, he would make my lunch every morning, often putting his latest sandwich creation in there. (i.e. hamburger meat and miracle whip) He is also really good at making pancake animals. His best cooking meal is breakfast. Whenever it is his turn to cook, you can probably bet he iwll cook breakfast.
He is always there, caring about my life. I often tell him who I am loving this week. "I can't imagine anything greater than________ waving at you at costa vida." a quote from my father when I was really excited. He always went to my dance competitions, and he always read my latest writings in school, always praising me and telling me how I can do better. I'm so grateful for that.
I remember one night talking until late, he and I, about things that were frustrating me. I was so glad he was there. He, of course, ended the talk with a hug, and I've always appreciated that.
Once when I was angry with a sibling of mine, he talked to me and gave me a hug and helped me feel better immediatly. He is always so generous, willing to share anything with anyone. He is so loving and caring. Anyone who comes in contact with him immediately loves him. He is so outgoing, I have always admired that about him. He can talk to anyone, anywhere. And he does. He steals random people's babies because they are just too adorable. When in St. George, he went and talked to a lady who had twin boys. He had never met her before, but just went and talked to her about her sons.
One thing I will always remember about my father, is when he used to read to Jaden and I. He was so good at the voices. It is such a great memory, that I will always keep with me.
As a child, when he lived in mexico, he and his twin were hooligans. They would roll down the hill in tires, and soap up their deck and slid on it. He is still like that, always up for a good time. We often do the 'baby on the hip', where he holds me like you hold a child on your hip. (frankly i don't understand why children like to be carried like that.) His favorite dance is the Mamba # 5. He is known for his love of this dance, never missing a chance to get in on the dance.
He is so creative, and smart. He is always willing to help with whatever homework I have.
I could say so much more about my father and how amazing he is, but for now I will leave on this note:
I am so grateful for the chance I have to be his daughter, to grow up in his household, and to be in his presence everyday. I love him with all my heart.
Happy fathers day, daddy!

it's sunday, i would bet.

It's past one o' clock in the morning, yet I have no desire to sleep.
It could be the fact that I took a nap after church, or perhaps the need I feel to blog.

It was the first family get together without Jaden.
It was odd.
It made me miss him even more than I already do.
Things are wierd. I'm the only child at home. At dinner, it's just the three of us. At family home evening, just us.
I can lock the door when I'm in because I know no one else will be coming in.
It's odd. But, it will get better. I'm sure.
Plus, he's a missionary!

Can we be children for just a moment and talk about the latest episode of Sonny with a Chance?!
Oh. My. Gosh.
Their date was THE most adorable thing of my entire life.
He is adorable.
I love the new haircut, so cute.
Also, Jonas L.A.
Except, that girl Vanessa has GOT to go. And Joe and Stella need to get together. As do Macey and Nick. Love Stella's posh cut.

yes, I am addicted to the Disney Channel and yes, I tivo all the new shows.

My left hands' fingernails are nicely painted.
My right hands'? yeah not so nicely painted. meeerrrhhh.

I miss Mexico.
'This may never start.We could fall apart.And I'd be your memory.Lost your sense of fear. Feelings insincere.Can I be your memory?'
Rachel and I sang this song every night, no fail.

Like you do-- Angel Taylor.
check it.

I love the fact that Saryn lives here now. love love love it.

TOMS shoes? yessss.
My brother in law can get some for $10 dollars.
I am so psyched.

"whos cute?"- my mom
"uhhh. Cal is cute."-- Van
So adorable. My nephew's are cuter than yours.

"decent father."
"# 2 dad."
My family is rather comical. is my best friend.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oh. Baby,

I really love these glasses.

$159.00 is sort of out of my price range...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

No more secret songs, alright?!

I feel like Mr. S on school of rock when he finds out he has a secret song.

Did anyone else know about this website and not tell me?

"we can either wait in the car with just us, or wait here with us and attractive cowboys.'

We LOVE the rodeo.
Especially the cowboys.

We stalk cowboys, take pictures of them creepily.
We look them up on the internet and find out they are married.
We calculate our love.
We eat strawberries and cream.
We dress up like cowgirls.
We cheer.
We dance.
We sing.
We do the wave.

Oh man. Rodeo 2010, you were good to me. But, not because of the entertainment. Some random lady chasing buffalos is NOT cool, take note.
But, bull riding is nice.
So is the teal cowboy.

Kendra and I, we're going to buy some bulls.
No, we are not going to ride these bulls. We are simply going to name them.
Ever listened to the bulls' names? They are ridiculous. 'many mothers' what kind of a name is that?
So, Ken and I decided we were going to buy a bull just to name it something odd like wedding night or seven five two six eight.

i heart carnivals.

Once, I HATED carnival rides. I wouldn't go on them if my life depended on it. Then, my thrill seeking sister in law FORCED me to go on one. Ever since then, I've been hooked. Thanks Keri.

This year's carnival did me well.
Gabe and I did the zipper first, and I screamed.
Then, I went on the ring of fire by myself. I screamed.
After that, the space ship. I puked.

Alright, I didn't really. But I was really close. I'm talkin' gagging and hurled over close. My sister made me stand by some bushes and lean over a drain. But, I didn't end up barfing. Although this post would be a lot cooler if I had.

I just love the carnival. The scarier the rides, the better.
It's funny how much I used to hate them. I remember a trip to vegas, pre Keri's forcing, when my brother and I went on a ride. It really wasn't scary at all, it just went over some hills and such, no big deal. But I screamed like a baby. Afterwards I realized how much fun I had and wanted to go again. I think it was that day the seed was planted in me, and then, with Keri's helping hand, I learned to LOVE the thrill those rides give you.

I even sort of like it when you feel nauseous after to go on a ride.
Except when that nauseousness doesn't go away for a long time, then it's not so fun.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Right now I'm really loving...

Making April.
-These are the nights.
-Driveway (old version i think?)

Memory by Sugarcult

Rachel Stewart, NOTED.

Check it out?

My new blog.
But don't fret, this one will not be neglected.
This blog, is a fail blog.
You know when someone does something so stupid you just have to laugh and say 'Fail Blog?'
Well, I literally made a fail blog, to document my many failures.
Check it out.

Because obviously we're five.

Sometimes, we have days when we think we're five.
We go to the pool.
We go off the diving board and do really awkward things like the pencil, the screwdriver, and toe touches.
All while Mandi judges us. We're five. We like it.

When a girl won't get her hair wet, it's very necessary to splash around her.
We play the fireworks game, where you bob up and down.
We also play marco polo.

Then, we go to the park. And we get really excited about slides. Too excited probably.

Then, we roll down hills. Like five year olds.

It was a good day though.
Fantastic, really.
Being five is fun.

Kim Possible.

Such a great show.
Let's talk about it for a second.

I've always thought it was clever that her last name is Possible and Ron's last name is Stopable. Does anyone else think that is funny?

I love that Kim and Ron fall in love. But seriously, who didn't see it coming? I certainly did. They are perfect for each other. Typical television romance. Like the Hannah Montana song, 'if we were a movie, you'd be the right guy and I'd be the best friend.' Love them together.

Can we please just chat about her belly shirts? What is that even about? I've never understood that. No matter what she is doing, she is wearing a belly shirt. It's odd.

What is that guy even about?
Someone who just sits on the computer all day?
They've never even met him. Don't you think that is rather sketch? I do.

I rather enjoy Kim Possible.
It was on tv the other day.
I watched it.
It brought upon this post.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


'Don't get fresh with me.' is often said among us at JCW's.

We accidently play footsies and I stare creepily at brendan and try to find his feet under the table.

You might be getting fresh if.... (insert your own term here.)
(if you share blueberry handsanitizer. -diana)

Super fresh? Fresher than fresh?

Getting super fresh before marriage is not ok.
'blueberry hand sanitizer may lead to super freshness before marriage.'-evan

Diana Hiatt? One of my favorite people in the world. We ride in Leon together.

Diana, Evan, and I see some children rides like at disneyland on a street corner, so we stop. Then we don't have enough quarters so we have to go to sub zero and exchange into a quarter. It was awkward. I like awkward things. We rode it, it sucked but we had fun.

"Asian hats." -- megan abel.

we talk, megan and I. we chat on the phone while I blog. like right now. we're chatting. on the phone.

I babysit. Two days in a row. Meeerrrrrhhhh.

Rodeo tonight. Yeah buddy. ( rolling like a big shot. chevy tuned up like a nascar pitstop.)

Well, Gabe and I are off to make chips and cheese.

Peace and blessings? probably.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

because I love Chubby Hubby ice cream.

Mickell and I hung out and had some hysterical quotes. I thought i'd share them:

"maybe he's been benching other hubbies?"

"Do you want to eat a chubby wife? no!"

" My nose is raw."-me
"From the ice cream? Stupid chubby hubby."-mickell

"I'd name it D. Lloyd. I'd put some beef in it. Lots of beef."-me
"And thats how caileys' short lived ice cream career ended."-mickell

"It's like grandma booty shorts."-me
"Hey. Grandma's bringing sexy back."-mickell

"Imma snarf you."

"Should we get ice cream?"-me
"yes. i farted."mickell

"look, it's a boy."-me

"see if they're home."-me
(mickell slams her face against the window.)

"everything is not rainbows and him."-mickell

it was a great night. The night we discovered chubby hubby ice cream. you should get some. freaking delicious.
Get some chubby hubby.

My phone is getting too full of good quotes:

"Everyone loves Dallas. It's just a part of the life cycle." --megan.

"I bet he would get fresh with you in those."-- megan.

"children were nonexistant. it probably ate a small raptor child." -- megan.

"I like them. I want one to eat boys."--megan.

"I have a list of eat-worthy boys."--megan.

"He is so cute. eat him." --megan.

"You are a creep ball. Stop suggesting things like that." --megan.

"Nose period. Really heavy flow. i might die."--megan.

"how late are you sitting on them?"--megan.

"a shaker? perhaps he'll shake his babies to death. don't have his babies."--megan.

"rude you buttlick."--megan.

"dallas probably is tasty."-- megan.

"it's fate. eat the book. maybe you'll poop him out and you can date."-- megan.

"eating books is healthy."-- megan.

"I'm partially NAKED, so I probably shouldn't run in there and murder you."--Mickell.

"all boys are evil and must be destroyed."--Mickell.

"I wonder if you'd run arund if i beheaded you."-- megan.

"it smells like fart. where are you? in the bushes? you're so gassy."-- megan.

"yeah it's dangerous with all the instruments and what not."-- Mickell.

"sometimes that happy birthday sign falls on me while i'm sleeping and I think i'm being attacked."-- Mickell.

"I sing to you all the time and you harass me."--megan.

"it sounds like a little child creepster melody paired with a porn king theme song."--megan.

"I would take mickell as a gassy girl. they are acting like they hda a vision or something."--megan.

"sometimes I question his sexuality. i told his mother that once."-- megan.

"who broke your heart? mr. becks' smile?'--megan.

"does she have a brother named nephi?"--megan.

"merh. I know. kiss ken for me. on the head that is."-- megan.

"you can text me kind things. reasons why you love me and such."--me.

"Well of course! but i can't sign the contract until at least he goes on his mission. Until then, these lips are open. well, not right now because I have a coldsore the size of a small planet on my face. But after that..."--me.

I often have really awkward texting conversations...

Girls camp 2010


Cup games.
Jedi braids.
Songs around the campfire.
Snorting games in the tent.
a ridiculous amount of junk.
parkour on tables.

Oh man. Girls camp is the bomb.
It's so fantastic to just spend the whole week with your best friends and get to know new people that you have never really talked to.
I enjoyed it and it was a great distraction.

If girls camp 2010 was a facebook status, I'd like it.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wednesday, June 9th.

I felt sick to my stomach as we inched closer to the MTC. Tears pooled in my eyes as we rode. I didn't make eye contact, but found solace in twirling my hair. At home I had busied myself with things he could have forgotten, but in the van i was only left with my thoughts, which was dangerous. It's hard to say how many times I've cried this week. More than ever, I feel.
Watching him walk away was hard. Walking back to the car was even harder, I walked fast and ahead of everyone has the tears spilled onto my face.
I dreaded the day when i day to go home. His room unoccupied except for some clothes he left. The kitchen will feel empty without his dance moves and him constantly telling me he's the smooth criminal. There will no longer be dance offs late at night, and no more quirrels over dinner.
Girls camp was a good distraction. It kept me busy and from crying over his leaving.
Home isn't as bad as I thought, although I still feel like he will walk in any minute. I'm expecting him to come home and tell me that I didn't ask to wear his jacket. But, he won't. For two years at least. He's going to be good though. I know it.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I need a support group.

Hi, my name is Cailey Haynie and I have a sunglasses addiction.

Ray-Bans are my choice drug, fake ones though. Real ones are too expensive. But, it is my goal in life to get real Ray-Bans. For now I will stick with my 5 dollar walmart and mexico ones. But one day, one day I will get real Ray-Bans.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"it'll go by faster than you can say no jaden you didn't rule the school and you aren't the smooth criminal" --jenna

I feel drained. I've cried so much already today and he hasn't even left. I feel like tomorrow is a big, dark cloud looming above me. The rain is my tears, destined to come no matter how I hold back. I can feel them already.

One O' Clock tomorrow he'll be gone. For two years. I'll be eighteen when he comes back. I can't believe that. Cal, the newest member of our family, will be 2. Right now he is only 2 weeks.

I feel like my eyes are a dam, just waiting to break, again.
Tonight was really hard.
My father made us all go and tell what we loved about Jaden. Then we watched a video from conference, Brother Holland when he spoke about the book of mormon. There were a lot of tears, and testimonies. Seeing Jaden tear up was especially hard, as he spoke of how much he is going to miss the children. And then seeing him say goodbye to everyone. I can't believe this day has come.

But, he is doing the right thing. I know it and I am so proud of him for it. I know he is going to be an amazing missionary and teach all those people the gospel so they can have the joy that we have in our life.
I just want to say that I know the church is true. I would be nothing without this gospel and I am so grateful for it. I'm so grateful for the knowledge that we can be together forever. And I can't wait to hear all the stories from Jaden's mission of the people he taught that to.

Also. Jaden's girlfriend and I are BFF's now.
We're going for heartbreak shakes next week.
I really like her.
We'll wear keds together.

Monday, June 7, 2010


How do you feel about the new glimpse? comment your feelings.

being a teenager is about...

fitting 6 people into a small 5 seater car.
6 people on a table at taco amigo.
snow cone runs.
never driving the speed limit.
using the drag as a shortcut.
california stops.
driving with the windows down.
music so loud it shakes the car.
never being on time to class.
chatting in your car for hours with your best friend.
extremely long phone conversations.
playing down by the banks at the bk lounge.
drinks at walkers.
avoiding work.

probably i've decided, being a teenager is the best thing to be.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

less than three days.

As I lie in bed at night, the comfort of my blankets around me; tears stream down my face. He leaves for two years in three days. Less than three days. Less than 72 hours. And he's gone. No talking to him, only weekly letters that aren't enough.
I've avoided this as long as possible. I've avoided talking about it in public for fear of sobbing. When the subject comes up, I simply state that I don't want to talk about it, and turn my head so they won't see my eyes begin to water.

There are so many things I will miss about Jaden. Little things that, up until lately, I hadn't noticed.
He often calls me Patrish. Apparently there was a crazy redhead lady at the school named patrish. Now, I've aquired the name. I like it, I'm not going to lie.
You will never find a boy who loves his nephews and niece so much. He is always willing to babysit and play with them. They all adore him.
Jaden is hysterical. Probably one of the funniest kids you will ever meet in your life.
He is ridiculous and genuinely kind.

When I was little and afraid of being kidnapped, he always knew the right things to say to me.
When I had lost confidence in myself, he was there to help me regain it.
When I was being a brat, he was there to tell me off. (I didn't always like this but i appreciated it in the end.)
Whenever I need him, he's there.

As children, we were best friends. The four year age difference didn't mean a thing to our friendship. Once, for my birthday, he gave me a bag of rocks. I was so excited. We have on film me opening it (with his help of course) and just bursting with excitement.

As the years went on, and he moved on to junior high while I stayed in elementary, our best friendship dwindled, and instead came bickering. But he still always cared, and I knew that.
I'll never forget, my first day of junior high, I came home to find him hanging out in the living room with some friends. He immediately asked me how it was.
After morp, I came home to find him chilling in the driveway. He didn't hesitate to ask how it was.

No matter who he is with, or what he is doing at that point in time, at night, when I say, "goodnight, love you." he always says it right back.

There are so many things I admire about Jaden. I admire all the things he has accomplished in his life, even if they weren't easy.

I could never explain in words how much Jaden means to me. He is the best big brother anyone could ask for.

I can't believe how fast the time has flown, from when he got his call, to now when I have less than 72 hours until he leaves. I am so proud of him. I know he will be an amazing missionary and will touch many lives with the gospel.

One who leaves their families for a short time so that others may be with theirs for eternity.

I love you Jaden. I'll be counting down the days.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I like you.

Well. Sometimes we go and pick up Mckenna Kirby from her cousins house. We get to talking and we realize she once commented on my blog. Her name is Maggie. We're friends now. I like her. I hope you read this maggie. If I had a hero of the day, it would be you.

p.s. such a small world! It's crazy how people connect.

Also, this random girl came up to me at my dance concert and asked if I was jaden's sister and said that she saw my picture at the house. It was lovely. I like creepy people a whole lot.

In mexico you might often hear us say things like....

"I got you a birthday sssssanddollar."

"not I said I"--chelsea

"yes it's real. real fake.."--drunk man selling purses.

"Community Sunglasses!"
"Community toothbrush!!!"

"it's moo."--Kenlynn and I.

"oniggity."-- Kenlynn and I.

"I don't want to go. I don't want to go with the pig...face..."--dan in real life.

"Noted." --me

"Was that a stripper joke?" --Kenlynn and I.

"right right right right." -- all of us. community shower.

"Haul bodies? uhhh."-- natalie and I.

"he often freshes." -- me and nat.

"Don't get fresh with me."--rachel.

"Don't make me leash you up!"--Kenlynn.

"It was my turn and he's an idiot. Yup, that's my motto."--ethan.

"I have this um.... disease?"--Natalie.

"Gander this." --me like every half a hour in the car as my pants rode up.

"It's all askewed. we have to unskew it."

and now a couple songs from kenlynn and I:

"cause you're kenlynn carter, and I'm cailey haynie, and we're so happy on our boat in mexico.
cause we're so sweet, we got chunky dunking, and you're so lame. You won't play the gaaaaame."

"going to the chicken shack we're gonna eat some chiiiickens."