Monday, June 21, 2010

7 is the next 17? clearly.

Megan and I, we turn 7 sometimes.
It began with a text, a genius idea, really. "can we jump on the tramp with sprinklers?"
Megan replied with an excited yes.
I got my suit on and drove to megan's my bam-bam hair bouncing as I sang to my ipod.
I turned on the hose and got on the tramp, jumping in excitement.
You know when things aren't as great as you remember them to be? I was afraid this experience would be like that, but no. It was JUST as good as I remember, possibly even more so.
Tricks were first. Who had the coolest ones? Well I'm bias towards me, of course.
Then, childish games were a must. Steamroller, spill the beans, and who gets the bounce were among them.
By then, we were acting like children. Our conversations went as so.
"No. It's my house, I get to choose what we do."- megan.
"I'm the guest. I get to choose."-me
"just go home."
"i'm telling my mom."
We laughed as we reminisced on our lives as 7 year olds; locking people in closets and being bossy.
Kool-Aid is a must on a hot summer day as a child, and we contemplated selling it on the side of the road. We drank out of martini glasses, trying to act older.
I spilt on my swimsuit, just as a child would.
We had blue mustaches, just like children.
We sat outside and drank Kool-Aid, nothing on our mind, no worries because for a second, we were really back to the 2nd grade.
Then, back to the tramp to play. We jumped, and squirted each other with water. When the 2 Quarts of Kool-Aid we just drank caught up to us, we did as any 7 year old would do. But thats up to your interpretation...
We did donkey-kicks and jumped on our backs, we sprayed each other with the hose, and we dared each other.
Then, our age finally caught up to us and it was time to go home, for scooter rides and stalking.
But, just for the afternoon, we really were 7. We didn't care about boys, or money, or cars, or anything of that sort. We didn't worry about how our hair looked or if we had blue mustaches, we just laughed and enjoyed each other.
It was an amazing day.


the carlisle said...

awh that's the best. you guys are awesome

Kassie said...

Cailey, this sounds like an excellent summer day. I'm uber jealous. Uber.