Sunday, June 13, 2010

because I love Chubby Hubby ice cream.

Mickell and I hung out and had some hysterical quotes. I thought i'd share them:

"maybe he's been benching other hubbies?"

"Do you want to eat a chubby wife? no!"

" My nose is raw."-me
"From the ice cream? Stupid chubby hubby."-mickell

"I'd name it D. Lloyd. I'd put some beef in it. Lots of beef."-me
"And thats how caileys' short lived ice cream career ended."-mickell

"It's like grandma booty shorts."-me
"Hey. Grandma's bringing sexy back."-mickell

"Imma snarf you."

"Should we get ice cream?"-me
"yes. i farted."mickell

"look, it's a boy."-me

"see if they're home."-me
(mickell slams her face against the window.)

"everything is not rainbows and him."-mickell

it was a great night. The night we discovered chubby hubby ice cream. you should get some. freaking delicious.
Get some chubby hubby.


the carlisle said...

seriously, i lol'd.