Thursday, June 17, 2010


'Don't get fresh with me.' is often said among us at JCW's.

We accidently play footsies and I stare creepily at brendan and try to find his feet under the table.

You might be getting fresh if.... (insert your own term here.)
(if you share blueberry handsanitizer. -diana)

Super fresh? Fresher than fresh?

Getting super fresh before marriage is not ok.
'blueberry hand sanitizer may lead to super freshness before marriage.'-evan

Diana Hiatt? One of my favorite people in the world. We ride in Leon together.

Diana, Evan, and I see some children rides like at disneyland on a street corner, so we stop. Then we don't have enough quarters so we have to go to sub zero and exchange into a quarter. It was awkward. I like awkward things. We rode it, it sucked but we had fun.

"Asian hats." -- megan abel.

we talk, megan and I. we chat on the phone while I blog. like right now. we're chatting. on the phone.

I babysit. Two days in a row. Meeerrrrrhhhh.

Rodeo tonight. Yeah buddy. ( rolling like a big shot. chevy tuned up like a nascar pitstop.)

Well, Gabe and I are off to make chips and cheese.

Peace and blessings? probably.


meg. said...

yeaaaaaaaaah buddy, rolling like a big shot.

asians shouldn't wear cowboy hats.

i like when we talk on the phone & you blog.

Evan & Diana said...

it was kinda like disneyland pooped on the corner. enjoyed this post a whole lot.