Sunday, June 27, 2010

"did you feed the orphans yet?"- meg says to me when i try to wake her up.

Youth Conference 2010: you have failed me.

Basically, it was really lame.
All we did was play sports outside for three days straight. Not my idea of fun.
But, it had some good moments, like when Jesse and I take naps on the grass. Or when we play chinese volleyball and have awkward moments.
The best thing about youth conference was Friday night.
It was Epic to say the least.

We stole Icecream from some boys.
Then, when our spoons broke, we continued eating it like savages; with our hands. It was amazing. Ice cream is so much better when eaten without utensils. Even the ice cream hangover the next morning was worth it.

Also, we play BS while scantily clad.
We like it.
What happens in dorm rooms, stays in dorm rooms?
Or goes on my blog...

I guess earlier, I lied. The ACTUAL best thing about youth conference was meeting my future husband and secretly stalking him.
(check the post before this for info)

I like rooming with Jesse.
It's real nice.
When we do scavenger hunts, we sleep because we're outcasts.

Sometimes at 5:00 in the morning the fire alarm goes off, we have to evacuate.
Cool Beans.
Makes me want to poke my eyes out.

I wear footie pajamas to outside movies and Jesse and I spoon.