Saturday, June 19, 2010

i heart carnivals.

Once, I HATED carnival rides. I wouldn't go on them if my life depended on it. Then, my thrill seeking sister in law FORCED me to go on one. Ever since then, I've been hooked. Thanks Keri.

This year's carnival did me well.
Gabe and I did the zipper first, and I screamed.
Then, I went on the ring of fire by myself. I screamed.
After that, the space ship. I puked.

Alright, I didn't really. But I was really close. I'm talkin' gagging and hurled over close. My sister made me stand by some bushes and lean over a drain. But, I didn't end up barfing. Although this post would be a lot cooler if I had.

I just love the carnival. The scarier the rides, the better.
It's funny how much I used to hate them. I remember a trip to vegas, pre Keri's forcing, when my brother and I went on a ride. It really wasn't scary at all, it just went over some hills and such, no big deal. But I screamed like a baby. Afterwards I realized how much fun I had and wanted to go again. I think it was that day the seed was planted in me, and then, with Keri's helping hand, I learned to LOVE the thrill those rides give you.

I even sort of like it when you feel nauseous after to go on a ride.
Except when that nauseousness doesn't go away for a long time, then it's not so fun.


the carlisle said...

i always get soo sick on that spaceship ride. the zipper is my favorite. i like how carnivals remind me of the circus. or p!nk.

cai.hay said...

I love the zipper. Such a great ride. plus, i feel really secure. why do they remind you of p!nk?