Saturday, June 5, 2010

I like you.

Well. Sometimes we go and pick up Mckenna Kirby from her cousins house. We get to talking and we realize she once commented on my blog. Her name is Maggie. We're friends now. I like her. I hope you read this maggie. If I had a hero of the day, it would be you.

p.s. such a small world! It's crazy how people connect.

Also, this random girl came up to me at my dance concert and asked if I was jaden's sister and said that she saw my picture at the house. It was lovely. I like creepy people a whole lot.


Maggie Raine said...

oh dear. i got a text from a boy. that boys name is Evan Kirby. he got me excited. he told me that i was on the internet. i feel famous.
this may seem creepy... i like you too. i don't even know you, really. but i can already tell that you are a keeper. lets be good friends, k?

p.s. i guess i can't be creepy anymore and use the anonymous button, cause you already figured me out.