Saturday, June 5, 2010

In mexico you might often hear us say things like....

"I got you a birthday sssssanddollar."

"not I said I"--chelsea

"yes it's real. real fake.."--drunk man selling purses.

"Community Sunglasses!"
"Community toothbrush!!!"

"it's moo."--Kenlynn and I.

"oniggity."-- Kenlynn and I.

"I don't want to go. I don't want to go with the pig...face..."--dan in real life.

"Noted." --me

"Was that a stripper joke?" --Kenlynn and I.

"right right right right." -- all of us. community shower.

"Haul bodies? uhhh."-- natalie and I.

"he often freshes." -- me and nat.

"Don't get fresh with me."--rachel.

"Don't make me leash you up!"--Kenlynn.

"It was my turn and he's an idiot. Yup, that's my motto."--ethan.

"I have this um.... disease?"--Natalie.

"Gander this." --me like every half a hour in the car as my pants rode up.

"It's all askewed. we have to unskew it."

and now a couple songs from kenlynn and I:

"cause you're kenlynn carter, and I'm cailey haynie, and we're so happy on our boat in mexico.
cause we're so sweet, we got chunky dunking, and you're so lame. You won't play the gaaaaame."

"going to the chicken shack we're gonna eat some chiiiickens."


Jessie said...

that dan in real life quote...
i use it almost daily. for real.