Monday, June 21, 2010

it's sunday, i would bet.

It's past one o' clock in the morning, yet I have no desire to sleep.
It could be the fact that I took a nap after church, or perhaps the need I feel to blog.

It was the first family get together without Jaden.
It was odd.
It made me miss him even more than I already do.
Things are wierd. I'm the only child at home. At dinner, it's just the three of us. At family home evening, just us.
I can lock the door when I'm in because I know no one else will be coming in.
It's odd. But, it will get better. I'm sure.
Plus, he's a missionary!

Can we be children for just a moment and talk about the latest episode of Sonny with a Chance?!
Oh. My. Gosh.
Their date was THE most adorable thing of my entire life.
He is adorable.
I love the new haircut, so cute.
Also, Jonas L.A.
Except, that girl Vanessa has GOT to go. And Joe and Stella need to get together. As do Macey and Nick. Love Stella's posh cut.

yes, I am addicted to the Disney Channel and yes, I tivo all the new shows.

My left hands' fingernails are nicely painted.
My right hands'? yeah not so nicely painted. meeerrrhhh.

I miss Mexico.
'This may never start.We could fall apart.And I'd be your memory.Lost your sense of fear. Feelings insincere.Can I be your memory?'
Rachel and I sang this song every night, no fail.

Like you do-- Angel Taylor.
check it.

I love the fact that Saryn lives here now. love love love it.

TOMS shoes? yessss.
My brother in law can get some for $10 dollars.
I am so psyched.

"whos cute?"- my mom
"uhhh. Cal is cute."-- Van
So adorable. My nephew's are cuter than yours.

"decent father."
"# 2 dad."
My family is rather comical. is my best friend.


Shelbie O. said...

dear cailey, guess what... I am addicted to sonny with a chance haha well disney channel is general probably. Me and Kenna watched it together, I thought it was very cute. So anyways seeing as how we are both disney channel and gilmore girls addicts, I'm pretty sure that means we need to be friends, mmk?