Monday, June 21, 2010

My father.

Well. It's fathers day.
My dad is better than yours.
Sorry bout it.

My dad is amazing, I can't even tell you. He has such an amazing testimony of the gospel and each day I am amazed at how much he loves the Lord. He was an amazing bishop, loved by so many people in the ward. The grandkids love him, and he is always up for playing with them. He is hysterical, always keeping me laughing. I always have such a great time with him. We often get into 'fights' in the kitchen, slapping and punching. (it's not as violent as it sounds..)
He is always there to cheer me up, to talk to me, and to give me a hug when I need one. (plus, he gives the best hugs.) I loved when he would take me to school, before I could drive. When in junior high, he would make my lunch every morning, often putting his latest sandwich creation in there. (i.e. hamburger meat and miracle whip) He is also really good at making pancake animals. His best cooking meal is breakfast. Whenever it is his turn to cook, you can probably bet he iwll cook breakfast.
He is always there, caring about my life. I often tell him who I am loving this week. "I can't imagine anything greater than________ waving at you at costa vida." a quote from my father when I was really excited. He always went to my dance competitions, and he always read my latest writings in school, always praising me and telling me how I can do better. I'm so grateful for that.
I remember one night talking until late, he and I, about things that were frustrating me. I was so glad he was there. He, of course, ended the talk with a hug, and I've always appreciated that.
Once when I was angry with a sibling of mine, he talked to me and gave me a hug and helped me feel better immediatly. He is always so generous, willing to share anything with anyone. He is so loving and caring. Anyone who comes in contact with him immediately loves him. He is so outgoing, I have always admired that about him. He can talk to anyone, anywhere. And he does. He steals random people's babies because they are just too adorable. When in St. George, he went and talked to a lady who had twin boys. He had never met her before, but just went and talked to her about her sons.
One thing I will always remember about my father, is when he used to read to Jaden and I. He was so good at the voices. It is such a great memory, that I will always keep with me.
As a child, when he lived in mexico, he and his twin were hooligans. They would roll down the hill in tires, and soap up their deck and slid on it. He is still like that, always up for a good time. We often do the 'baby on the hip', where he holds me like you hold a child on your hip. (frankly i don't understand why children like to be carried like that.) His favorite dance is the Mamba # 5. He is known for his love of this dance, never missing a chance to get in on the dance.
He is so creative, and smart. He is always willing to help with whatever homework I have.
I could say so much more about my father and how amazing he is, but for now I will leave on this note:
I am so grateful for the chance I have to be his daughter, to grow up in his household, and to be in his presence everyday. I love him with all my heart.
Happy fathers day, daddy!


Sharon.Ovalle.♥. said...

I love your dad as well. He was kind of my dad for a little bit :) And he definitely makes the best breakfast! The last day of girls camp was always my favorite because he would make us breakfast. And also, I taught him the Mambo #5 :D
Tell your daddy I say hello, and happy fathers day :)