Sunday, June 13, 2010

My phone is getting too full of good quotes:

"Everyone loves Dallas. It's just a part of the life cycle." --megan.

"I bet he would get fresh with you in those."-- megan.

"children were nonexistant. it probably ate a small raptor child." -- megan.

"I like them. I want one to eat boys."--megan.

"I have a list of eat-worthy boys."--megan.

"He is so cute. eat him." --megan.

"You are a creep ball. Stop suggesting things like that." --megan.

"Nose period. Really heavy flow. i might die."--megan.

"how late are you sitting on them?"--megan.

"a shaker? perhaps he'll shake his babies to death. don't have his babies."--megan.

"rude you buttlick."--megan.

"dallas probably is tasty."-- megan.

"it's fate. eat the book. maybe you'll poop him out and you can date."-- megan.

"eating books is healthy."-- megan.

"I'm partially NAKED, so I probably shouldn't run in there and murder you."--Mickell.

"all boys are evil and must be destroyed."--Mickell.

"I wonder if you'd run arund if i beheaded you."-- megan.

"it smells like fart. where are you? in the bushes? you're so gassy."-- megan.

"yeah it's dangerous with all the instruments and what not."-- Mickell.

"sometimes that happy birthday sign falls on me while i'm sleeping and I think i'm being attacked."-- Mickell.

"I sing to you all the time and you harass me."--megan.

"it sounds like a little child creepster melody paired with a porn king theme song."--megan.

"I would take mickell as a gassy girl. they are acting like they hda a vision or something."--megan.

"sometimes I question his sexuality. i told his mother that once."-- megan.

"who broke your heart? mr. becks' smile?'--megan.

"does she have a brother named nephi?"--megan.

"merh. I know. kiss ken for me. on the head that is."-- megan.

"you can text me kind things. reasons why you love me and such."--me.

"Well of course! but i can't sign the contract until at least he goes on his mission. Until then, these lips are open. well, not right now because I have a coldsore the size of a small planet on my face. But after that..."--me.

I often have really awkward texting conversations...