Sunday, June 27, 2010

These are the nights.

I will never forget.

The warm, summer nights when we sit on the BK and laugh.
The ones where we never stop laughing.
The ones where the lack of sleep makes me insane, which is alright because I'm with my best friends.
The nights when cookies are consumed then regretted as the sugar rush begins.

I won't forget when we plan our week on Sunday nights, an event everyday because we can.
Dates are planned.
Pool trips and sleepovers are ahead of me.

Rolling on the floor happens.
As do dead arms.
We laugh.
Some of us snort.
Quotes happen:
"I'm putting this on my blog."-brendan
"You don't have a blog."-cailey
"Well I'm making one. This will be my first post. Dating men in jail."-brendan.

My living room becomes our hang out, and I love that.

These are the nights: Making April.

"Cause these are the nights that you know when youre there You couldn't have planned it much better I swear and you hope That your senses arent failing you now And you think to yourself now I could be wrong But I might have just stolen this scene from a song and you know That your senses aren't failing you now"

Alright, so this song is a love song. If you listened to it all, you would realize. But, I feel like the chorus applies right now in my life.

I am LOVING life.
I'm so grateful for the friends I have.
I'm so grateful for my family.