Saturday, June 19, 2010

"we can either wait in the car with just us, or wait here with us and attractive cowboys.'

We LOVE the rodeo.
Especially the cowboys.

We stalk cowboys, take pictures of them creepily.
We look them up on the internet and find out they are married.
We calculate our love.
We eat strawberries and cream.
We dress up like cowgirls.
We cheer.
We dance.
We sing.
We do the wave.

Oh man. Rodeo 2010, you were good to me. But, not because of the entertainment. Some random lady chasing buffalos is NOT cool, take note.
But, bull riding is nice.
So is the teal cowboy.

Kendra and I, we're going to buy some bulls.
No, we are not going to ride these bulls. We are simply going to name them.
Ever listened to the bulls' names? They are ridiculous. 'many mothers' what kind of a name is that?
So, Ken and I decided we were going to buy a bull just to name it something odd like wedding night or seven five two six eight.