Sunday, June 27, 2010

a witty title won't come to me due to the fact that I am in need of sleep. So, here's a post.

Megan often tells me to eat babies.
I have to tell her that it's not ok.
She says she bets they taste like steak.

When Jesse asks me how to spell Chile, I say: 's..." then realize there is no s in chile.

I heart Jenna Vizina.
I like when we have girls night and get pizza and watch movies.
We fail at frosting cupcakes, it's exciting.

Cotton candy icecream?
Best thing ever.
I eat like a child, I'm aware.

Brother Eyring?
He's hysterical.
I love when he teaches our class.
We talk about Bathsheba.

I don't like getting reprimanded.
Especially by her.

My mother, she approves of her future son in law. She thinks he is handsome.

I like them a whole lot.
I wear them to church.
They have acai berries on them.
I eat acai yogurt at spoon me.

I make my parents stay after to help my stalk my future husband while my wing-woman, Jo leaves.

You may begin to call me that.

Man I love that kid.

Cocoa dino bites are delicious.
I eat them e'ry meal, practically.

Sunday afternoons= naps. yeah buddy.

I hate when facebook fails me.

I hate when 14 year olds are attractive.
It makes me feel weird.

Jo, she is OBSESSED with the world cup.

I'm so attracted to David Beckham.
If he wasn't married, I'd snatch him.

We can all be a little excited about this.

Sometimes I get letters from him. Me, not my family. Me. I jump for joy inside.

Probably Jenna is replacing Jaden with me.
Probably I'm replacing Jaden with Jenna.
But only for two years.

I'm off to sleep.
Nighty night? Except it's afternoon...


meg. said...

babies are just cute.
squeeze them.
eat them, if necessary.