Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"wrap it in a hot dog."

Sometimes, my family is real funny.
My brother, he puts hot dogs on all our antennas.
We're gonna hot dog thump some people.
Or hot dog slap them across the face.
Also, make a book of 101 ridiculous things to do with a hot dog.
Look for it.

Probably it's a good day.

Work went by fast. Thank goodness.
I listened to some music I haven't listened to in a while.
I saw Dehla. I love that child. She smiled at me lots.
Now, I'm going swimming.
yeah buddy.

Sometimes I...

Really miss this guy.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Megan Ardelle Abel is a TRAITOR.
Check here as to why.

Whats more inspirational than a screaming gorilla? not much.

The crew. Jeremy, unknown, big cat, drama, rob, chanel, turbo, unknown.

Rob, Beefy & meaty. They skateboard.

The factory.

My favorite thing in the world.
Clearly, I have an obsession.
Can I please just tell you all about this?
Ever heard of Rob Dyrdek? Pro skater at the age of 16. Winning X Games and gold metals. He's the bomb.
Ever heard of Rob and Big? Yup, that's Rob. This is his different, better show.
It's all about his factory. The fantasy factory. They do the most insane things in there.
Inside Blobbing. Jumps into a foam pit. So many great things.
This is one of THE funniest shows I have EVER seen in my entire life. They do the stupidest things and it's hysterical.
Rob got Drama little mice named Cheesy and Swissy. Get it? Meaty and beefy? Cheesy and Swissy. So prime.
So, Drama's got a clothing brand named Young and Reckless (yes, I have a shirt.) and to prove him being young and reckless, they do some pretty great things. One includes them beating Big Cat's car, then getting him a new one. But a different one, one to look like a cat. Fur and all. I almost peed my pants when i saw it.
They are just some grown up kids with a ridiculous amount of money to spend.
I can't even tell you all the great moments from the show.
It's one of those shows that no matter how many times you've seen the episode you watch it again and again because it is THAT great.
If you have not watched this, please please please check it out.
The best show in the world probably.
Now, let me tell you a little bit about the crew.
Jeremy Larner: he's the manager. He always tells Rob not to do stuff but rob does it anyways because he's just like that.
Big Cat: He's drama's brother and Rob's cousin. He is just kind of there, but Rob always does stupid mean things to him and he takes it. It's classic.
Drama: He started out as Rob's assistant but now is a big part of the show. He has his own clothing brand and I'm in love with him. So in love.
Rob: He's my hero. I aspire to be like rob. He is HILARIOUS.
Chanel: Rapping receptionist. Nuff said.
Turbo: He is ALWAYS blurred out. We have never seen his face
It's on on monday nights and one of THE GREATEST shows of my ENTIRE life.
Check it out.
You will be obsessed.
I have never laughed so hard at another show.
My whole goal in life is to visit the fantasy factory.
Watch it.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Tonight. I was chalked.
There I was, watching T.V. when my mother comes in my room, "Did you know you've been chalked?"
I got out of bed faster than you can say chalking.
These are the results. Sorry about the sideways picture. Sometimes I fail at life.

This was next to my car.
We're in love, obviously.
Holla. Yeah boy.
I heart summer.
Of course.
I heart Taco.
a bee.

Thank you, chalk bandits.
I appreciate it.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

a much needed shout out.

when you have your best friend's password & she gives you permission to make over her blog, it's only fair to let you know something about Cailey Haynie.

For this the record, this is meg.
As you, obviously, know, this is Cailey. Clearly, she is stunning. Let me tell you a few things about this woman that you may not know:
1) She is more loyal than your dog. She'd chip her perfectly painted fingernails to defend her friends- & that is a big deal.
2) She will always, no matter what, have your back, even if she is frolicking around in mexico. Once upon a time, i was a distraught female with a broken heart with no communication with my best friend. She was soaking up the sun in the beloved country, mexico. At the peak of my estrogen-triggered melt down, i received a phone call. She had a feeling that something was wrong back home & put aside her vacation to see if i was alright.
3) Feel free to call her beyonce. Humble as she is, you probably weren't aware that she has a phenomenal voice. She belongs in the limelight. American Idol? She is the next big thing.
4) She may be a black girl in trapped in a white girl's body. She can dance. Not like a white girl. I have never seen any white girl dance like Cailey Haynie.
5) She is real funny. It's hard not to laugh in hysterics when she says things like "it is not okay to eat children. Why must you always insist on eating babies?" If you need a day brightener, she is a prime source to come to.

All in favor that Cailey is spectacular, say i.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Megan Ardelle, this is for you.

She tells me to blog sometimes.
Because she's in bed, bored and wants reading material.
Here it goes.

Sometimes I have no friends so I just watch television all night.

Rizzoli and Isles? the bomb.com

White Collar? I'm so smitten by Neil. He's a charmer, that boy.

My head peels sometimes, I really hate that.

I've discovered a new love of mine. I love giving manicures. Another reason to go to hairschool, as if I needed another one. I didn't but this is still another reason. Although I'm not sure it's manicures but rather painting nails.

Evan is in California for a week. LAMESAUCE. But we text sometimes.

The water jug at work always makes me think of Dwight. And I always want to stick my head in it. How in the world did he get his head in there?

I enjoy lunches where we all just sit around and talk.

My uncle harold is here. He looks exactly like my dad. Dillon is afraid of him. He hids when he sees him. Harold pretends to fly and attacks me, practically. He steals my smores sometimes.

I love smores. So much. I'd rather have ones from the microwave than a real fire.

I like when my room is clean.

Boy meets world. Such a gem. I watch it eryday. I tivo it early in the mornings.

It's kind of brisk. Maybe I should turn off the fan? Then I'd have to stand up, pull that string, reach. Nah, too much effort.

Almost 1:00 in the mornin'. Are 'g's really necessary? Mornin. Nothin. Borin. Nope. Nope they aren't.

I have hangnails. How annoying.

Well Megan I hope you enjoyed this. If not, I'm sorry.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I just really love provo.

I love these girls, W4.
They are so much fun.
They came to dinner tonight, and after my mother abused me at the dinner table, we came back to ptown for a party.
*Please note my mother didn't really abuse me, she just thought that when you said the same thing you hit on another. No mom, that's slug bug.
We partied it up, we did.
Buried my flip flops in the grass and decided that one day when we are really bored we will mow the lawn just by picking grass. We will have to be really bored.
Sometimes, I meet Taryn's little brother Peter. At the perk. And while we were having an awkward hello, he was holding out his hand for a handshake, I was doing my awkward wave, Taryn just shoved us right together (literally) and made us hug. So awkward.
Also, instant best friend bonding when you stick your hand in their pocket.
"The first step to eternal marriage is facebook friends."
Attractive males thank me for bring the water. I like that.
Cam comes over. I enjoy him. He asks me how the certain thing you get to do when you turn 16 in the LDS church, (driving? I replied) is. I say; well, it isn't really going. He replies with I don't know why, your so cute and fun. Oh Cam, I really like you.
Sometimes he goes to my sweet 16, and he is an amazing dancer.
Then we watch some random t.v. show from another country and I'm really afraid.
Oh how I love ptown.

Steph and pizza pie.

After a couple months of blog stalking each other and facebook friendships, Stephanie and I, both loving Pizza Pie Cafe, decided to make a date.
And what a great date it was.
It was like we had known each other forever, there was never a pause in the conversation! I loved it!
We had some interesting encounters while at pizza pie.
First, Steph saw her brother on the trek last year and it was just a really really awkward situation, but funny.
Then, up came Kent. He had us confused with another couple of girls trying to get to a movie. Then he just chatted with us for a while, asking us how we knew each other which was an awkward story, and he thought we were creepers and that you had to break into each others blogs. It was all around really awkward but hysterical.
Then, we see one of stephanie's old friends and before he even says hello, he tells stephanie his whole life story practically, introducing each one of the people he was with.
And finally, we saw a boy we both know. He hugged her and then just awkwardly stared at me and I think he was pretty confused as to why we were together.
Basically, it was just a really great night.
So much fun.
And delicious food. (if you've never been to pizza pie cafe, you need to go. It's amazing. Three words for you, cookie dough pizza.)
Steph. It was really fun and I hope we can do it again soon.

Ace of Cakes.

I had never really been into this show, but my friends were.
I watched it once, and I was HOOKED.
Duff, he is hysterical. So great.
Geoff, he's awkwardly funny and he would probably fit really well into our friend group. He says the funniest things but doesn't even crack a smile, I love it.
My goal in life is to have a cake made by them, they are amazing, all the things they do with cakes.
Bah, I love it.

THIS is why I love disney channel movies.

They are exactly like my life.
16 wishes, they probably stole that story from me.
-People ALWAYS clap when I walk out of classes.
-Sometimes I win student body president when I'm not even running.
-There is a girl who just ruins every single birthday of mine because she is evil and kniving.
-Sometimes in the morning when I wait for the bus, attractive actors pull up on their tour bus and kiss me on the cheek.
-My house often gets infested by wasps, then we have to leave for at least a week.
-While we have to leave our house, we aren't allowed to get clothes so we have to go to school wearing pajamas.
-Often times I change clothes in the janitors closet and it's totally normal.

Clearly, we are exactly the same.
I like disney channel movies.
So so much.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So guess what?
I got a blog award.
We can all be really excited about this.

Rules of the award:

1: send a warm, cyber hug to whoever awarded you with a nice shout out.
2: flatter yourself and tell the entire world that you have been awarded, followed by seven unique things about you.
3: pass along this heart-warmer of an award to your favorite blogs.

So,shout out to stephanie carlisle. Thank you, I really appreciate it. It made my day!!!

7 unique things about me.

1)I love love LOVE reality t.v. shows. The more dramatic, the better. The hills, jerseylicious, and all those ridiculous ones. I love them.

2) I eat ice-cream out of cartons really weird. I find a good spot and then eat down until I hit the bottom, and then I eat the sides. Or rather leave the sides for other people..

3)I love watching infomercials. I am such a sucker for them, whenever I watch them I want to buy all the things they are selling. Good thing I'm not 18 yet..

4)I don't like wearing shoes. Whenever I get into the house, I immediately take them off. I think they are really annoying.

5)I am rather OCD about some things. For example, I don't like to paint my fingernails because it bugs me when they chip. Also, tiny spaces have to be clean. My desk at school, always perfectly in place with my notebooks on one side and my pencil next to it.And my car, I hate it when my car it messy. My DVR, too. I don't like it to be cluttered. I delete whatever I watch immediatly. And my inbox on my email.

6)I hate being dirty. I hate going camping because of this. And I have to shower everyday or else I feel really really gross.

7)I love feeling like a child.

I give this award to...

Annie at In the mind of annie
Jenna at The New Me (sorry guys this is a private blog but she still deserves it!

And, that's all I can think of to do right now!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

They're the coolest. Don't try to deny it.

Incase you were wondering, my nephews and niece are the coolest.
Lemme tell you about them.

He's 9, the oldest grandchild. But actually, he is my stepnephew. This child is so smart! He loves anything electronic! He is so good with Dillon, and Dillon just LOVES him. Although we don't get to see him very often, I love this kid.

He's 8 and already has such a strong testimony. He has 130 dollars saved up for his mission already! When he got babtized, he bore his testimony so strongly to his nonmember family members. He loves harry potter and video games and is super creative! And such a great older brother!!

He's 6. This child ALWAYS keeps us laughing. He says the craziest things! He is the nephew I buttheads with the most, because he is rather sassy and likes to say things like I'm not the boss of him but I love love love him. He always is asking to play and I love it.

He's 4 and is such a sweetheart! If you get mad at him, he will instantly begin to cry because he feels bad. He is an amazing big brother to Mckell, always looking out for her and not getting mad when she hits him or bites him. He is always good to tell you you look pretty and other nice things.

He's 3. He is so funny without realizing it and he is always good to play with me and take my wedgie threats. He has such a cute little kid voice, but when you tell him to say lunch instead of wunch he tells you to weave him awone. I love playing with this little guy!

She's 2, almost 3 and such a little princess! She loves everything girly! She always wears dresses and has flowers in her hair. She is so much fun to play with, I love painting her nails and playing barbies with her! She is really sassy but also super sweet!

He's 1, almost 2 and what a crazy child he is! But he is hilarious! He gives the best hugs and kisses and has the cutest smile! He loves grandma and loves to play with her! He always tries to get you to play with him, especially the kitchen set! He is such a smart little boy!

He's 6 weeks. I love love love holding this little guy. He loves to snuggle! And, he has only thrown up on me once, which i'd say is pretty good!

and to Molly and baby Rutter, I can't wait to meet them!

So, now that you know a little about them, go ahead and TRY to deny they aren't the coolest. You can't.


Guess what?
Diana and Alisha Hiatt, member them?
We're friends.
And guess what we found out tonight?
We can all just be a little excited about this.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

no, I didn't fall off the face of the planet.

I've just been at family reunions all week.
Monday-Wednesday= haynie reunion.
Friday-Saturday=Pratt reunion.

I am rather fond of reunions.
Haynie's are the bomb. It's fine.
We play cards.
Learn how to tell fortunes.
Get eaten alive by misquitos.
Play sedarahc, which is ridiculously fun. Jared pets cats and I try to spoon standing up.
We eat lots of cookies and have to give candy bars to children.
I hold Cal alot and then trade him for otter pops.
I eat 5 otter pops. I really really like those things.
We sleep in cabins and get woken up by crying babies.
Brigham and I bond while sitting next to each other in the minivan.
I paint Mckell's fingernails. She choses me instead of her mom.
We have talent shows.
And testimony meetings.
Car rides are long. Mckell pees her pants practically and Brigham won't let me nap on him.
My right leg always falls asleep.

Then, the Pratts.
We get sprayed with water guns. It's a tradition. Ery year we have a waterfight.
People tell me how old I look and I feel really awkward.
I miss Elder David Pratt.
We eat a lot of mexican food.
We feel weird because we are really white.
We camp.
Eat more mexican food.
Sleep in cabins.
Saryn and I share one bunk. The top one. Have you ever realized how sketch those are? super sketch.
We play cards and tell fortunes.
We have THE best dance parties. Another sweet tradition.
I get Livi to give me kisses. They are super slobbery.
Allie and I are best friends. She gives me zerbets and I laugh real hard.
We paddle boat. We dominate. We see a duck.
I take a nap in the bunk.
Sleeping bags are pretty sweet.
We have the best aunts.
Aunt Eva, she drinks hot water at night. what a crazy. we think she is joking but she isn't.
I want to be called Tia Cailey, just like my great aunts.
Once, I thought all my great aunts had the same first name of Tia. It was weird. I called them aunt tia _____.
I bribe children with gum.
We eat a lot of zebra gum in a church gym.
We like Nina.
Pinatas are always necessary. We hit it. But only because we want candy.
We tell Max to get us some.
If you ever want a cute, mexican boyfriend, come to our Pratt reunion. We've got lots of them.
We learn mexican folk dances and line dances.
It's tons of fun.

Probably I have the best family in the world.

Oh, PGHS new principle?
Definietly related to him.
He is my father's cousins' husband, if that makes sense.
I met him.
But, I'm the angel child so I won't need to be in his office.

Also, I'm not sure I can count how many tortilla's I have eaten these past couple days.
And we were wondering how distant of your cousin do they have to be to date? Just kidding. That would be weird. But, we have some pretty handsome cousins.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh hi.

I'm not dead.
Just been at a family reunion.
I'll blog sometime probably.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

it's july 3rd today. Incase you were wondering.

Marky mark, he sometimes bails on us.
It's fine. We still like him as a person.

Jaylee? We like her too.
She's real cool.
She blog stalks.
Shout out to Jaylee. Hey girl hey!!
And her friend, who's name I can't remember but we say the same things sometimes.

Wendys chicken sandwiches are nice. With sweet and sour sauce.

Diana Hiatt.
I continue to be obsessed with that girl.

Sometimes people get hit by fireworks.
They blow up on them.
Fireworks are super sketch.

After Drama crushed my dreams, Mickell found out that the new season is starting soon.
I'm sure this will be as dope boy fresh as the seasons previously.

Today, I began ready the Harry Potter series over again.
I'm already half-way through the first book.
I'm a nerd.
It's fine.

Awkward things make me happy.
Really happy.

Also, I really like talking to Stephanie on facebook.
We talk about dates and such.
It makes me happy.

Clari and I have awkward hugs.
We're all awkward.
That's why we're friends.
The sexy six? probably.

Cal is getting blessed tomorrow.
I love that baby.
He makes me really happy.
he likes to cuddle.

Alyssa sometimes won't let me cuddle with her during fireworks.

Probably you are reading this.
If so, I would just like to tell the whole blogging world, well not the whole because not everyone reads my blog. That I miss your guts and us not hanging out ever is not ok with me. CALL ME.

Gabby, she's from Texas.
She's really really cool.
I like her a lot.
She doesn't even think we are that weird, which is always a good thing.

My nephews are such studs.
Sometimes they wear aviators.
We like them.

I tend to say 'we' a lot. Glozell would think I was drunk. My mother would ask if there was a mouse in my pocket. I must say that neither are correct.
Although sometimes people think I am drunk. Or high. But I never am.
And mice are filthy creatures, so no there is not one in my pocket.

Well. Probably I'm off.
To read about harry.
I love that child.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Drama kills my dreams.
You have to be 21 and older to go to his party.