Sunday, July 18, 2010

I just really love provo.

I love these girls, W4.
They are so much fun.
They came to dinner tonight, and after my mother abused me at the dinner table, we came back to ptown for a party.
*Please note my mother didn't really abuse me, she just thought that when you said the same thing you hit on another. No mom, that's slug bug.
We partied it up, we did.
Buried my flip flops in the grass and decided that one day when we are really bored we will mow the lawn just by picking grass. We will have to be really bored.
Sometimes, I meet Taryn's little brother Peter. At the perk. And while we were having an awkward hello, he was holding out his hand for a handshake, I was doing my awkward wave, Taryn just shoved us right together (literally) and made us hug. So awkward.
Also, instant best friend bonding when you stick your hand in their pocket.
"The first step to eternal marriage is facebook friends."
Attractive males thank me for bring the water. I like that.
Cam comes over. I enjoy him. He asks me how the certain thing you get to do when you turn 16 in the LDS church, (driving? I replied) is. I say; well, it isn't really going. He replies with I don't know why, your so cute and fun. Oh Cam, I really like you.
Sometimes he goes to my sweet 16, and he is an amazing dancer.
Then we watch some random t.v. show from another country and I'm really afraid.
Oh how I love ptown.