Saturday, July 3, 2010

it's july 3rd today. Incase you were wondering.

Marky mark, he sometimes bails on us.
It's fine. We still like him as a person.

Jaylee? We like her too.
She's real cool.
She blog stalks.
Shout out to Jaylee. Hey girl hey!!
And her friend, who's name I can't remember but we say the same things sometimes.

Wendys chicken sandwiches are nice. With sweet and sour sauce.

Diana Hiatt.
I continue to be obsessed with that girl.

Sometimes people get hit by fireworks.
They blow up on them.
Fireworks are super sketch.

After Drama crushed my dreams, Mickell found out that the new season is starting soon.
I'm sure this will be as dope boy fresh as the seasons previously.

Today, I began ready the Harry Potter series over again.
I'm already half-way through the first book.
I'm a nerd.
It's fine.

Awkward things make me happy.
Really happy.

Also, I really like talking to Stephanie on facebook.
We talk about dates and such.
It makes me happy.

Clari and I have awkward hugs.
We're all awkward.
That's why we're friends.
The sexy six? probably.

Cal is getting blessed tomorrow.
I love that baby.
He makes me really happy.
he likes to cuddle.

Alyssa sometimes won't let me cuddle with her during fireworks.

Probably you are reading this.
If so, I would just like to tell the whole blogging world, well not the whole because not everyone reads my blog. That I miss your guts and us not hanging out ever is not ok with me. CALL ME.

Gabby, she's from Texas.
She's really really cool.
I like her a lot.
She doesn't even think we are that weird, which is always a good thing.

My nephews are such studs.
Sometimes they wear aviators.
We like them.

I tend to say 'we' a lot. Glozell would think I was drunk. My mother would ask if there was a mouse in my pocket. I must say that neither are correct.
Although sometimes people think I am drunk. Or high. But I never am.
And mice are filthy creatures, so no there is not one in my pocket.

Well. Probably I'm off.
To read about harry.
I love that child.


Kelsey said...

I love Harry.
I'm going to marry one of the twins one day. don't even worry.

Maggie Raine said...

i am terribly sorry that mark bailed, cause you would have liked a certain friend that he was bringing. his name is logan. you talked to him on the phone. he is incredibly attractive. anyways keep calling mark cause he has no friends (especially friends that are girls).
love, mags

Jaylee said...

thanks caily! i still have to get your autograph.