Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Megan Ardelle, this is for you.

She tells me to blog sometimes.
Because she's in bed, bored and wants reading material.
Here it goes.

Sometimes I have no friends so I just watch television all night.

Rizzoli and Isles? the bomb.com

White Collar? I'm so smitten by Neil. He's a charmer, that boy.

My head peels sometimes, I really hate that.

I've discovered a new love of mine. I love giving manicures. Another reason to go to hairschool, as if I needed another one. I didn't but this is still another reason. Although I'm not sure it's manicures but rather painting nails.

Evan is in California for a week. LAMESAUCE. But we text sometimes.

The water jug at work always makes me think of Dwight. And I always want to stick my head in it. How in the world did he get his head in there?

I enjoy lunches where we all just sit around and talk.

My uncle harold is here. He looks exactly like my dad. Dillon is afraid of him. He hids when he sees him. Harold pretends to fly and attacks me, practically. He steals my smores sometimes.

I love smores. So much. I'd rather have ones from the microwave than a real fire.

I like when my room is clean.

Boy meets world. Such a gem. I watch it eryday. I tivo it early in the mornings.

It's kind of brisk. Maybe I should turn off the fan? Then I'd have to stand up, pull that string, reach. Nah, too much effort.

Almost 1:00 in the mornin'. Are 'g's really necessary? Mornin. Nothin. Borin. Nope. Nope they aren't.

I have hangnails. How annoying.

Well Megan I hope you enjoyed this. If not, I'm sorry.


meg. said...

What a treat that was to read while I'm bed stricken for eternity.

I love you probably.

Maggie Raine said...

I miss evan. why do they have to leave? i just don't understand.