Wednesday, July 21, 2010

a much needed shout out.

when you have your best friend's password & she gives you permission to make over her blog, it's only fair to let you know something about Cailey Haynie.

For this the record, this is meg.
As you, obviously, know, this is Cailey. Clearly, she is stunning. Let me tell you a few things about this woman that you may not know:
1) She is more loyal than your dog. She'd chip her perfectly painted fingernails to defend her friends- & that is a big deal.
2) She will always, no matter what, have your back, even if she is frolicking around in mexico. Once upon a time, i was a distraught female with a broken heart with no communication with my best friend. She was soaking up the sun in the beloved country, mexico. At the peak of my estrogen-triggered melt down, i received a phone call. She had a feeling that something was wrong back home & put aside her vacation to see if i was alright.
3) Feel free to call her beyonce. Humble as she is, you probably weren't aware that she has a phenomenal voice. She belongs in the limelight. American Idol? She is the next big thing.
4) She may be a black girl in trapped in a white girl's body. She can dance. Not like a white girl. I have never seen any white girl dance like Cailey Haynie.
5) She is real funny. It's hard not to laugh in hysterics when she says things like "it is not okay to eat children. Why must you always insist on eating babies?" If you need a day brightener, she is a prime source to come to.

All in favor that Cailey is spectacular, say i.


Kelsey said...

cailey, i think sometime we should chalk. it would be nice.

i say i.

Jenna said...

Love you girl. I. And I am sure Jaden would say I too. Can I say I for him?

Anonymous said...

i love cailey!

Jameson said...

i love cai hay. except when she tries to break into my car. but really i still love her dearly.

Saryn said...

I. I. I. :D :D

Saryn said...

oh p.s. meg you did a beautiful job of making over caileys blog. love it. and i love this post about her. you guys are both just real great. love you!