Saturday, July 10, 2010

no, I didn't fall off the face of the planet.

I've just been at family reunions all week.
Monday-Wednesday= haynie reunion.
Friday-Saturday=Pratt reunion.

I am rather fond of reunions.
Haynie's are the bomb. It's fine.
We play cards.
Learn how to tell fortunes.
Get eaten alive by misquitos.
Play sedarahc, which is ridiculously fun. Jared pets cats and I try to spoon standing up.
We eat lots of cookies and have to give candy bars to children.
I hold Cal alot and then trade him for otter pops.
I eat 5 otter pops. I really really like those things.
We sleep in cabins and get woken up by crying babies.
Brigham and I bond while sitting next to each other in the minivan.
I paint Mckell's fingernails. She choses me instead of her mom.
We have talent shows.
And testimony meetings.
Car rides are long. Mckell pees her pants practically and Brigham won't let me nap on him.
My right leg always falls asleep.

Then, the Pratts.
We get sprayed with water guns. It's a tradition. Ery year we have a waterfight.
People tell me how old I look and I feel really awkward.
I miss Elder David Pratt.
We eat a lot of mexican food.
We feel weird because we are really white.
We camp.
Eat more mexican food.
Sleep in cabins.
Saryn and I share one bunk. The top one. Have you ever realized how sketch those are? super sketch.
We play cards and tell fortunes.
We have THE best dance parties. Another sweet tradition.
I get Livi to give me kisses. They are super slobbery.
Allie and I are best friends. She gives me zerbets and I laugh real hard.
We paddle boat. We dominate. We see a duck.
I take a nap in the bunk.
Sleeping bags are pretty sweet.
We have the best aunts.
Aunt Eva, she drinks hot water at night. what a crazy. we think she is joking but she isn't.
I want to be called Tia Cailey, just like my great aunts.
Once, I thought all my great aunts had the same first name of Tia. It was weird. I called them aunt tia _____.
I bribe children with gum.
We eat a lot of zebra gum in a church gym.
We like Nina.
Pinatas are always necessary. We hit it. But only because we want candy.
We tell Max to get us some.
If you ever want a cute, mexican boyfriend, come to our Pratt reunion. We've got lots of them.
We learn mexican folk dances and line dances.
It's tons of fun.

Probably I have the best family in the world.

Oh, PGHS new principle?
Definietly related to him.
He is my father's cousins' husband, if that makes sense.
I met him.
But, I'm the angel child so I won't need to be in his office.

Also, I'm not sure I can count how many tortilla's I have eaten these past couple days.
And we were wondering how distant of your cousin do they have to be to date? Just kidding. That would be weird. But, we have some pretty handsome cousins.


the carlisle said...

super fun. family reunions are always super awkward for me. glad to see yours was too! haha joke. but really, super great.