Sunday, July 18, 2010

Steph and pizza pie.

After a couple months of blog stalking each other and facebook friendships, Stephanie and I, both loving Pizza Pie Cafe, decided to make a date.
And what a great date it was.
It was like we had known each other forever, there was never a pause in the conversation! I loved it!
We had some interesting encounters while at pizza pie.
First, Steph saw her brother on the trek last year and it was just a really really awkward situation, but funny.
Then, up came Kent. He had us confused with another couple of girls trying to get to a movie. Then he just chatted with us for a while, asking us how we knew each other which was an awkward story, and he thought we were creepers and that you had to break into each others blogs. It was all around really awkward but hysterical.
Then, we see one of stephanie's old friends and before he even says hello, he tells stephanie his whole life story practically, introducing each one of the people he was with.
And finally, we saw a boy we both know. He hugged her and then just awkwardly stared at me and I think he was pretty confused as to why we were together.
Basically, it was just a really great night.
So much fun.
And delicious food. (if you've never been to pizza pie cafe, you need to go. It's amazing. Three words for you, cookie dough pizza.)
Steph. It was really fun and I hope we can do it again soon.