Sunday, July 18, 2010

THIS is why I love disney channel movies.

They are exactly like my life.
16 wishes, they probably stole that story from me.
-People ALWAYS clap when I walk out of classes.
-Sometimes I win student body president when I'm not even running.
-There is a girl who just ruins every single birthday of mine because she is evil and kniving.
-Sometimes in the morning when I wait for the bus, attractive actors pull up on their tour bus and kiss me on the cheek.
-My house often gets infested by wasps, then we have to leave for at least a week.
-While we have to leave our house, we aren't allowed to get clothes so we have to go to school wearing pajamas.
-Often times I change clothes in the janitors closet and it's totally normal.

Clearly, we are exactly the same.
I like disney channel movies.
So so much.


Sharon.Ovalle.♥. said...

Hahaha I love you Cailey