Monday, July 26, 2010

Whats more inspirational than a screaming gorilla? not much.

The crew. Jeremy, unknown, big cat, drama, rob, chanel, turbo, unknown.

Rob, Beefy & meaty. They skateboard.

The factory.

My favorite thing in the world.
Clearly, I have an obsession.
Can I please just tell you all about this?
Ever heard of Rob Dyrdek? Pro skater at the age of 16. Winning X Games and gold metals. He's the bomb.
Ever heard of Rob and Big? Yup, that's Rob. This is his different, better show.
It's all about his factory. The fantasy factory. They do the most insane things in there.
Inside Blobbing. Jumps into a foam pit. So many great things.
This is one of THE funniest shows I have EVER seen in my entire life. They do the stupidest things and it's hysterical.
Rob got Drama little mice named Cheesy and Swissy. Get it? Meaty and beefy? Cheesy and Swissy. So prime.
So, Drama's got a clothing brand named Young and Reckless (yes, I have a shirt.) and to prove him being young and reckless, they do some pretty great things. One includes them beating Big Cat's car, then getting him a new one. But a different one, one to look like a cat. Fur and all. I almost peed my pants when i saw it.
They are just some grown up kids with a ridiculous amount of money to spend.
I can't even tell you all the great moments from the show.
It's one of those shows that no matter how many times you've seen the episode you watch it again and again because it is THAT great.
If you have not watched this, please please please check it out.
The best show in the world probably.
Now, let me tell you a little bit about the crew.
Jeremy Larner: he's the manager. He always tells Rob not to do stuff but rob does it anyways because he's just like that.
Big Cat: He's drama's brother and Rob's cousin. He is just kind of there, but Rob always does stupid mean things to him and he takes it. It's classic.
Drama: He started out as Rob's assistant but now is a big part of the show. He has his own clothing brand and I'm in love with him. So in love.
Rob: He's my hero. I aspire to be like rob. He is HILARIOUS.
Chanel: Rapping receptionist. Nuff said.
Turbo: He is ALWAYS blurred out. We have never seen his face
It's on on monday nights and one of THE GREATEST shows of my ENTIRE life.
Check it out.
You will be obsessed.
I have never laughed so hard at another show.
My whole goal in life is to visit the fantasy factory.
Watch it.


Lisa said...

i watch this too!!
my favorite is the foam pit. sorry, but i find the receptionist annoying.

cai.hay said...

Oh I love the foam it. It's my favorite. and the blob. Yes, she is rather annoying. She giggles a lot but it's funny when they make her rap and such.

Batash said...

Oh no worries. I'm super obsessed too. This show makes my days better. I sorta love Rob. No big.

sydnee said...

easily a classic show
i love purple giving shark