Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So guess what?
I got a blog award.
We can all be really excited about this.

Rules of the award:

1: send a warm, cyber hug to whoever awarded you with a nice shout out.
2: flatter yourself and tell the entire world that you have been awarded, followed by seven unique things about you.
3: pass along this heart-warmer of an award to your favorite blogs.

So,shout out to stephanie carlisle. Thank you, I really appreciate it. It made my day!!!

7 unique things about me.

1)I love love LOVE reality t.v. shows. The more dramatic, the better. The hills, jerseylicious, and all those ridiculous ones. I love them.

2) I eat ice-cream out of cartons really weird. I find a good spot and then eat down until I hit the bottom, and then I eat the sides. Or rather leave the sides for other people..

3)I love watching infomercials. I am such a sucker for them, whenever I watch them I want to buy all the things they are selling. Good thing I'm not 18 yet..

4)I don't like wearing shoes. Whenever I get into the house, I immediately take them off. I think they are really annoying.

5)I am rather OCD about some things. For example, I don't like to paint my fingernails because it bugs me when they chip. Also, tiny spaces have to be clean. My desk at school, always perfectly in place with my notebooks on one side and my pencil next to it.And my car, I hate it when my car it messy. My DVR, too. I don't like it to be cluttered. I delete whatever I watch immediatly. And my inbox on my email.

6)I hate being dirty. I hate going camping because of this. And I have to shower everyday or else I feel really really gross.

7)I love feeling like a child.

I give this award to...

Annie at In the mind of annie
Jenna at The New Me (sorry guys this is a private blog but she still deserves it!

And, that's all I can think of to do right now!