Tuesday, August 31, 2010

i feel a little like this...

my heart is yours to fill or burst.
to break or bury.
or wear as jewelry.

hands down. dashboard confessional.

sometimes i ice my shins about 5 times in one day.
they hurt real bad.
thanks jan, thanks.

I enjoy this profusely.

There is something theraputic about writing in your journal, your hands crossing the page while words flow from the pen. I used to hate this commandment, and thought it was unnecessary. Now, suddenly, I crave it. Whenever I feel an emotion, my mind flees to my journal. When you run out of words to say, you draw pictures. Mostly stick figures, with captions to remember what you were thinking. It's funny to look back and see what you wrote, and what you drew. I look forward to showing my kids one day.

I'm a big girl now.

I went to the dentist ALL by myself today.
Oh how I LOVE the dentist. I'm not sure why I love all the poking and prodding, pulling and pinching. But I do. I love the people, they are always so nice, asking you about your life even if you can't really talk, it's the thought that counts. Seriously, I am obsessed. It brings me so much joy. I look forward to it, I really do. I know, i'm super wierd. I can't help it.

Monday, August 30, 2010

rain is a good thing?

"rain makes corn. corn makes whiskey, whiskey makes my baby feel a little frisky."
This, my dear blog readers, is not why rain is a good thing. Rain is a good thing because sometimes when it rains, it lightnings. Do you know what happens when it lightnings and you are playing football? You get delayed. And where do you go for this delay? The locker room. The boys locker room. For about a hour. yes, I'd say rain is a good thing.


Awful days right?
Today, that was not the case. It was rather fantastic, actually. (actually it's quite good on toast. name the movie.)
b1: environmental science. true, it makes me want to poke my eyes out but i wrote megan a note and got lots done.
b2: accounting. quite possibly the greatest thing of my life. finished my homework and I'm actually quite excited about this.
b3: AP coloring. scavenger hunt. we won. dominated really.
b4: aerobics. water aerobics with jan hawke. I enjoy that lady. also, lots of my friends are in there. fairfield. annie. megan. and I met tons of new people. you know how i love meeting new people and having new friends.
Then, work. eh.
Football, and what a great day at football it was. Kinsey, I love her.
Emily and I take water together to chat. I take creeper pictures of my football love. We make up songs. "no one to tell us no, or he's a hoe."
Then, while walking real slow to stalk my football love, I get a call from Katie Houghtaling, whom I love.
As we are leaving, we chat it up with this so called football love and he learns my name. yeah buddy.
Then, a quick visit to Mickell who is leaving tomorrow.
After that, dinner with mom and Cali.
Now, homework and blogging.
Seriously, such a great day. One where i just want to jump for joy ya know?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

let me just tell you about this girl.

Mickell Jespersen.
She's off to J-Ru on tuesday so I thought I'd give her a little shout out.
First, let me tell you our history.

Summer 2008. Trek.
I wanted to kill myself, obviously. My stomach grumbled with anger it 7:30 in the morn and I wanted to jump off a bridge, but there I was, stuck on a bus, hot, sticky, and ill. (please note, I threw up. well you don't have to note it, it's not important but I did, incase you were wondering.)
Mickell fell asleep against the window for more than half the ride. When she awoke, she joined the conversation.
"he was in your bath class?!"
we became friends instantly.
Then, I learned she carried a couch around in her car at all times. Obviously, i was obsessed with her. She is hysterical, always cracking jokes. I dare you to be with her for ten minutes and not laugh.You can't. It's impossible.
During trek we bonded, and told each other of our love lives, all while the boys listened and tried to scare us, asking the next morning who those boys were.
Together, we made a trek love list. Both real and imagined love, mostly one sided. We were celebrities. Everyone followed us, stalked our tent (israel), and even chased us trying to see if they were on the list. Every time the camera man came around we would yell real loud, "WHAT THE BEAST!" We even got interviewed for our trek love list. If she hadn't been in my family, it would have been THE worst week of my life.
that summer was the best summer of my life.
I'm so glad I met her. She is truly an amazing person. She will help you with anything, at anytime. She is always there when you need her. She is great at giving advice, and is always willing. I can talk to her about anything, and I am so grateful for that. Words cannot describe how much I love and appreciate this girl.
I'm gonna miss her so much.
I love you mickell.
Thank you for everything. You are phenomenal.
love, oprah winfrey. what?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'll never understand

why chocolate milk is so delectable.
why I love school supplies, and being organized.
why spiders live.
why ants live.
why babies look like aliens.
why babies get zits.
why i'm so facinated with celebrities.
why math is necessary.
why playlist won't let me play certain songs.
why i wasn't born a year earlier.
why my brother and i are 4 years apart.
why i don't understand science.
why sometimes when people text me i feel the need to chuck my phone across the room.
why simple decisions are so hard for me.
why taco fries taste like heaven.
why boys get to dress comfortable all the time.
why my shoulders often hurt.
why missions are so long.
why texting during class brings me so much joy.
why i'm still to this day afraid of my 6th grade teacher.
why i hate clutter in small spaces but not large.
why i'm ocd about some things but not others.
why i get antsy when i sit for long periods of time.
why clothes are necessary.
why your toes go to sleep.
why you get charlie horses.
why they are called charlie horses.
why i have such a hard time going to bed.
why they play stupid songs on the radio.
why some songs make me want to poke my eyes out.
why teachers give homework on the first day.
why it's necessary to go on 'picnics' in ap coloring.
why i'm so creepy.
why i love being creepy & creepy people.
why i get so many hangnails.
why can i remember the lyrics to about a thousand songs but not how to do geometry.

"these are the questions that haunt me."
does anyone know where that quote is from? I can't remember.

my head just might explode.

algebra 2 transfers.
no radio 2.
no math next year.
page paper to write on nothing.
all sorts of ridiculous things.
sometime, kill me please.
hairschool, come faster.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

are your legs tired? cause you've been running through my head all day.

I love tswift.

"i was a flight risk with a fear of falling."
"you remember we were sitting by the water, you put your arm around me for the first time."
"you made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter."
"and there's a drawer full of my things at your place."
"but we got bills to pay."
"i remember that fight, 2:30 am"
"you are the best thing that's ever been mine."

I've got five minutes to post this.

Well. jessie and i were chatting about this today at school (bleh) so i thought i'd post about it.

awkward blog stalking. you know when you know someone but you don't really know them? all day at school i saw the people i blog stalked, wanted to say hello then realized we've never met in real life, which is super awkward. You know all their inner thoughts but you don't know them, you want to talk to them about their life story but you've never been in person with these people. so, please, if you stalk me and see me, say hello. I love creepy people, I love blog stalkers, and I love friends.
sometimes i see these people at school and feel too creeper to say hello, so here is my hello via blogger.

probably the longest day of my life.

young womens.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

mixed emotions.

It's 12:16 and I've got school tommorrow, but with my sleeping habits these days, it's too early for sleep.
I feel nervous, anixious, excited, and all the above emotions about tomorrow.
I'm glad I'm not a squashmore.
I'm nervous to see him.
new people always make me excited.
I'm sad to see the summer end.
I'm depressed to think of me spending my days in those classrooms.
It makes me want to die thinking of all my friends graduating without me.

picture day always makes me antsy. what if my hair is messed up? what if there is something in my teeth? what if i look like a freak? what if my shirt drowns me out? what if my makeup looks really bad? I know, i know, this is really stupid but it seriously, picture day makes me antsy!

Early mornings are not my thing, if i see you tomorrow morning and happen to yell at you or perhaps send a death glare you're way, don't take it personal. I'm just not a morning person.
I'm already counting down the hours until lunch time tomorrow, when i can take a break from the emotional turmoil they call high school.

there is this real annoying voice in my head telling me to go to bed. (it sounds a lot like my parents..)
so, I'm off.
wish me luck.
and pray i won't puke on anyone.

I'll jump on the bandwagon.

summer 2010
you've been good to me.

Monday, August 23, 2010

things i'll miss about summer.

staying up late
sleeping in late
eating lunch with mom eryday
countless hours of boy meets world
visits to the shack
PG pool
thursday dancing & sleepover with jenna
the heat
wearing flip flops and shorts (oh but don't fret, this won't end for a while)
no school
doing whatever, whenever with no schedule
shaven legs (because obviously i don't shave during winter)
wearing basketball shorts eryday
no real clothes
chatting on facebook until all hours of the morn
tan skin
no makeup
letting my hair air dry
leaving my windows down in my car
being 7
breakfast at noon
late nights spent with friends
taco amigo eryday
hanging out at the bk
late night food runs because we're starving
sno cones
texting until morn
going to sleep with my television on
late night blogging sessions
summer in general

Saturday, August 21, 2010

sometimes i blog a whole lot in one night. don't judge.

Stephanie texts me sometimes, I enjoy her a whole lot.
Football suddenly turns me into a male, and i say things like don't close it dude and probably get weird looks.
Watching from the sidelines is the only way to go, the rush you get when you run with the running back and almost getting tackled.
I'm so attracted to him.
I got a 20 d0llar bill that says no one's ever seen you without makeup.
Having a neice is fun, you can paint her nails, brush her hair, and put makeup on her.
My favorite purple scrunchy is often in my hair, atop my head like bam bam or a small child.
I miss the seniors, especially when i can see over the whole football team, practically.
I've been on facebook a ridiculous amount of times today.
one in the morn. i don't like sleeping much. alright, that was a lie. I love sleeping.
& i know you're a sucker for anything acoustic.
purple is a hobby of mine.
prince & me is so romantic.
I'm gonna marry a prince.
I'll wear dresses and diamond crowns.
alright, so dresses are out. I'll wear jeans and diamond crowns? better.
3.2.1. now fall in my arms now.
Hillary Walker, she is so sweet.
Aly Fraughton is real nice.
tuesday brings picnics and jake.
tomorrow brings baby molly, 4th sunday dinner, and jenna.

saturday night.

a little bit of this:

and this:

this movie:

with this guy:

is a pretty good one i would say.

these songs are constantly playing lately.

over and over...
take it off--ke$ha.
something bout love--david archuleta.
your love--nicki minaj.
teenage dream--katy perry.
what to wear--tswift

inevitable awkwardness.

when you see someone at a red light that you know. you wave, then look ahead. the light seems to stay red for a day and a half. you feel awkward when you sing, because you feel they look at you. it's just inevitable awkwardness.

and I fell in love.

"Jenna! Jenna! do you see that boy?"
(insert creepy pointing here)
"he's such a babe. Look at him dance."
Then, he came over.
Suddenly, I forgot how to breathe.
He danced in tune to the music, his arms flailing about. My cool dance moves to impress him were gone. I could only watch him and awkwardly sway to the music. With his fohawk, nerd glasses, shirt and tie, I was drooling. All I could think was, what a babe. what a babe.
His friend came over and began dancing, he was more friendly, he waved and said hello.
As I creepily stalked him and watched him dance I muttered creeper things to Jenna such as, I think I'm in love and dangit! I missed him when he came out, how did i miss him?!
I jokingly suggested to invite them to del taco. Jenna took me seriously. I held her back.
I stalked him so more, glared when he danced with other girls, and drooled some more.
The end of the night came too quickly, and the music stopped.
As Jenna and I walked past them, we spoke loudly,
"DEL TACO? YES I BELIEVE DEL TACO" as a sort of invite.
blue shirt boy, marry me?

is anyone else....

ridiculously attracted to this guy?

saturday night blogging.

Sometimes I have no friends.
Saturday nights before school starts= me sitting at home.
cool beans.
speaking of beans, my mom made delicious frito salad tonight.
baby molly is coming in the morn. I'm excited and nervous.
the kids are sleeping over. wahoo.
straws are real nice. thanks, jenna vizina for getting me into them.
chocolate/strawberry milk is delicious.
Jaden's companion is a babe!
maybe we'll write & fall in love? I feel good about that.
megan stalks me. what a creep.
makeup? no thanks.
tshirt, shorts, and slippers.
school starts next week, please kill me.
your love-nicki minaj a weird video but i love the song.

i need help:

what do i get my missionary of a brother for his 20th birthday?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

apparently this is the cool thing to do?

and although it makes me want to poke my eyes out, here it is.
my school schedule.
a1: gov & cit-kurtz
a2: ceramics-christensen
a3: english honors-robertson
a4: seminary
b1: enviromental science-beckstrom
b2: radio 2- russ
b3: AP coloring- jan
b4: algebra 2-sheridan.
and like i'm in the 7th grade, i'll ask,
classes anyone?

if i was a rich girl... (nananananananana)

then i'd have all the money in the world, if i was a wealthy girl.
I would buy these things;
keds in every color.
ray bans of every color.
oakley sweatshirts.
young and reckless tees, a ridiculous amount of them.
heels for every occasion, in every color.
a new car, preferably a honda cr-v or perhaps a old school convertible, or bug, purple please.
big, diamond earrings because diamonds are a girls best friend.
nailpolish for every single day of the year, perhaps more.
some real nice designer jeans with diamonds on the butt for reasons i've never understood.
a new cell phone, where i can hear clearly.
an ipod touch.
a t-rex like rob.
oakley shades.

If you were rich, what would you buy?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

it's only tuesday.

Oh the joys of smelling like a man.
I've almost forgotten what a real girl smells like, good? like dandelions?
you get used to the smell of sweat. even when they all swarm you, you can't smell it.
mckinsey veenker. i enjoy her, i bet we will be best friends.
jen, she's quite the comedian.
kristen, i get a kick out of her.
kathryn, she almost caught me when i fell
jon browne. do you know him? if not, get to know him. he is the sweetest guy.
emily, i've missed her.
drag queen? drama queen? all he needed was a friend. oh sorry bout it.
only in utah can you study preach my gospel and the scriptures at football practice, with help from others. Jon studies sometimes. Jen helps.
I've almost got the football drink down. (no, not down my shirt, although that happens more often than not.)
Sometimes i tell stupid jokes. (see above sentence.)
the hot sun kills me. hopefully i'll get some sweet tanlines.
apparently tanning isn't appropriate at football practice? what?
sophomores are awkward, they don't know what to do with us.
Mark Kruger is real nice, he helps with the water sometimes when he sits out, he's a good kid.
sometimes after football i feel dead.
friends? do i have any? it's doubtful. I haven't seen them for a while.
call me, sexy six. you know who you are.

Monday, August 16, 2010

the best summer of my life.

summer of 2008.
i went on trek and met 2 of my best friends, Mickell and Emily.
that summer we were best friends with treavor.
we would eat taco amigo.
drive around with a couch in the back of her car.
we sat on the couch on my lawn for hours after my early curfew.
we took the couch to random street corners and sat on it.
i was introduced to cheese burritos.
we stalked.
i loved israel.
trek love list.
we made plans.
we all had nicknames; tequito, guacamole, sweet cheeks, caso
we made lots of memories.
had a lot of inside jokes.
and had the best summer ever.

thank-you guys for making that a summer to remember.


At the beginning of sophomore year, I had a private blog. recently i've looked back on to what i wrote, and i can't help but notice how much I have changed, in a good way though.
All i wanted, was to be popular. Now, i don't mind much.
I was OBSESSED with this one guy who shall not be named. It was quite ridiculous.
I was awkward, and I hated it. Now, I'm still awkward but I enjoy it.
Sophomore year taught me alot about myself, and i am grateful for it.
Plus, it was quite an enjoyable year.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

" i call them wahooos, ya know like wahooo!!!"

Name the movie.

This is how i feel.
Holla, football begins tomorrow.

good ones.

some prime texts from my phone.

"I'm marrying you. we wil have 6 kids. practically no fights and lots of love."--evan

"I'll make a song called herpe face, dedicated to my one and only, cailey haynie."--megan

"demonpants, may I call you demon pants...."--me

"I will not allow you to be tempted, so no to both. well, maybe yes to demon pants."--clay

"I'd target you as the kind that should get dropped off on the side of the road."--megan

"sweetheart. i wish we were still spooning, so magical."--baby kitten

"then it's done. creepy comments on blog + del taco delivered to his house =prom and happy birthday, married!"-- baby kitten

"Also, my room is downstairs. Left side of the house. second window. if that makes sense."--jameson after telling him bad things will come upon him and we will attack him in his sleep, to which we replied, creepily.
"we already knew that."

it's a hobby of mine.

I watch a ridiculous amount, I know. But there are too many good shows to not watch. here's what I watch.

drop dead diva.
rizzoli and isles.
fantasy factory.
make it or break it.
white collar.
teen mom.
covert affairs.
so you think you can dance.
so you think you can dance.
any new disney channel shows.
any new icarly or victorious.
look at friday.
shows that aren't in season
16 and pregnant.
boy meets world (i tivo it every morning at 6)
the office.
and probably more that aren't in season but i can't think of.
It's a hobby, probably.

"I buy them and then you eat like like they are crayons!"

That quote was from my mom.
I don't eat crayons.
Also, my sister in law is rather comical.
A texting conversation from today.
(last night i gave my nephews flarp, it makes farting noises.)
keri: Thanks so much for the fart goop. I will get you back one day when you have children.
me: Oh you're welcome. tell jared thanks for all my dolls that have mustaches.
keri: why am I always suffering for the things he did?
me: you married him. good thing my whoopi cushion popped before i could give it to them.
keri: yeah we have enough natural fart noises at this house.
me: if only you had a daughter.
keri: with my luck, she would just fart too.
me:it's in the family, she can't help it.
oh the conversations we have.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


You know those times when you are so excited you just giggle?
This is one of those times.
Do you know what monday brings?
The beginning of football season for us water angels.
I'm so excited I could, well... giggle.
(see what i did there?)
I'm so ready for;
the smell of tar and sweat.
awkward shirt tanlines.
watching football from the sidelines.
being with emily romney all day eryday.
meeting new people, boys actually.
new viking attire.
mr deans.
coach thomas. I have missed his oils and craziness.

viking pride.
get some.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thank you, old man.

The other day, my mom and I were sitting at work when this random old guy comes up the desk and says,
"would you two be so kind as to split a cookie?" (obviously was going through my head.)
Then, "But listen. You have to know, I'm a happily married man. After this cookie, your going to want me but I'm married. So don't go chasing after me to get my license plate, ok?"
Yes. he really said that to my mother and I.
I laughed quietly, then out loud when he left.
thanks, old man for making my day brigher.

and yes. it was a rather delicious cookie.

happy birthday. (one clap) married.

Court and Jenna came over tonight. That's when you know it's gonna be epic and you might pee your pants of laughter.
They arrived at my house first, then me.
I was greeted with a plate of homemade oreo cookies. I knew I loved these girls.
Then, with a call to megan, we were off to Del Taco to stalk them.
We knocked on the window, with big smiles on our creepy faces, then walked through the door, walking past the boy giving us weird looks.
Courtney immediately hit on Evan, asking him to prom.
He said no but she insisted.
Then, the random boy in the booth behind us asked her to prom.
Bev is his name, short for beverage probably. Or, ben I've heard it both ways.
As we walked out of del taco, Court knocked on the window and mouthed I love you.
Jenna tried to hit on men driving a convertible. They thought we were in highschool.
"How old is she?"
"prove it."
"court. get your license."
"I don't want a ride."
Then, back to my house to chat with the parentals.
"happy birthday. married." me and court.
"Speaking of root canals."-jenna.
"we weren't speaking of root canals."-cailey.
Basically, I'm obsessed with these girls.
Anyone who hits on men in del taco, hits on men in convertibles, and tries to make people feel as awkward as possible are my friends.
Especially if their names are Jenna and Courtney.

the time we became a square.

The night began with Taco Tuesday.
3 for 99 cents. Yesss please.
We sat in Lillian and downed tacos like men.
Then, we went on our merry way, almost dying as a swirved to avoid a cone. Apparently I'm a bad driver? Just because sometimes I dance when I drive...
"You drive. I dance."
We arrived at Jenna's without a GPS, holla.
We went downstairs, meeting Lindsay and Courtney.
Lindsay, I must say, is a little intimidating with her workout routines.
I enjoy her though.
Jenna and I chatted in her room and Megs and Court got aquainted.
Awkwardness avoided. We like that.
Megs and I began spooning, naturally. Then Court joined in. Yes, we had met five minutes earlier.
I liked this girl immediately.
That was only the beginning of an epic night.
"Baby kittens."
"With jeans, it's weird. I do it, but it's weird."
"This one time you told me if i (deep breathe)" "You'll stay alive?"
"i could swing that. into someone's face. see what I did there?"
And, the beginning of our square. Four best friends. We're gonna make shirts.
I slyly asked court for her number, we do that sometimes.
Then we text and she says things like, sweetheart, I wish we were still spooning. So magical.
The square. We love it. We date, but only each other.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

dead. freaking. meat.

Whoever put antifreeze, soap, and laundry detergent on my car is dead freaking meat.

Monday, August 9, 2010

"do you know what tuna is?"

If you can name that movie, you get a thumbs up. One of my favorites, probably.
Do you know what today is? Monday. Do you know why monday's are such a good day? Because on mondays we get letters. yeah boy. I got my own email.
At work, I got to leave for a whole hour to run errands. Holla.
While running errands, I ran into Nate Holbert. We had an awkward conversation. It was lovely.
Bright blue nail polish makes my day just a little brighter.
Sometimes I find really sweet shoes in idaho for 3 dollars. But they don't have my size. Then I call in american fork and they have my exact size! So I practically raced down there to exchange them. greatest day of my life, probably. Purple hightops for 3 dollars? yes please.
I take Jesse along with me to Rue 21. When passing Glen Ricks, we pull into the turn lane, creepily take a picture and then go on our merry way, sending the pic to jamie.
We like being creepy.
Sometimes I teach my nephew who is almost two the thing that is whoopi cushion. He laughs real hard.
I watch David Archuleta's new video he's a babe.
We'll probably be married, david and I.
Rule # 3, no turning up david archuleta while going through a breakup.
He's got a dog named Teddy, if you wanted to know that. I bet you did.
Good monday.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

August the sixth.

Happy birthday mom.
Thanks for always being there for me and for being my best friend.
I love you.
what an awkward photo. sorry bout it.

Friday, August 6, 2010

no titles are coming to me. It's late. one in the morn.

Against my will, and with my conscience, here I am.
I woke, showered, let my hair air dry, out on some basketball shorts and a Tee and we were off. (somewhere in there I packed and chatted with kassie hymas)
With a 'later utah' picture to megs, we were off.
Car rides are a hobby of mine, I especially love sleeping in cars. I sang loud to Carrie while my father drove and my mother read her magazines. Quilting of course. Then I read Harry Potter aloud for a while, because it made things more exciting.
I drank lots of soda, and in turn almost peed my pants about 5 times.
We listened to Tswift and Miranda Lambert.
Finally, we arrived in Oregon, where our hotel is. Priceline= smokers rooms. cool beans. But, don't fret. It doesn't smell bad at all. (although that sounded sarcastic, it wasn't.)
I straightened my naturally flipped out boy band hair, put some makeup on and dressed for the occasion.
I predicted the awkwardness almost to a T.
"oh your so old."
"oh she's beautiful."
I had to ask my mom if my fake smile looked real enough.
I feel awkward, naturally, but even more so in situations like these.
I stay close to the parentals and speak the least amount possible.
After dinner, I read Harry Potter next to my parents while they chat. Yes, I'm just that cool. People ask my name, what I'm reading, and the fake smile comes once again.
The ladies and gents split, but I stay where I am, which happens to be by the males. I read Harry and avoid conversation like the plague.
Finally, I decide to join with the ladies. I put down Harry for a second, to plead my case and ask to leave. Finally it's time to go.
I breathe a sigh of relief as we get in the car, wet with rain.
The utah weather had followed us, obviously.
We search redbox for a movie, drive through lots of puddles, and finally find bandslam.
Pretty good movie.
Please bless my first kiss is not as awkward. bahaha.
Day one of rawlings family reunion?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 3, national I hate the world day, apparently.

Megs and I bond over our grouchyness.
Not that we needed more bonding, we're best friends.
We eat lots of junk.
We stalk 13 year old boys creepily, because we can.
I enjoy her.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Have you ever seen this show?
It's a favorite of mine.
These guys are hilarious. I aspire to be as witty as them.
"Dude, all your permanant teeth are in. Your playing for keeps now."
"Like mascara on prince, it is on."
"You went all that way and didn't get me a donut? I did get you a donut, then I ate it."
"I've heard it both ways."
'I lived in an airport for a month, Gus.' 'That was Tom Hanks in terminal.' 'same difference'
Watch it. It's hysterical.
I dare you not to laugh.

I'll never understand it, although I blame this on Rob and Drama.
But, I
If I could do ANYTHING in the whole world, it would be skateboarding. I think it is SO cool. Seriously.
The way they can spin it and then land back on it.
I love it.
I think it is so cool.
Another one of my obsessions, probably.
Maybe one day I'll write about them all, but probably I'll have to make a whole blog about it.

Oh hey blog world.

Sometimes I don't blog for a while.
I apologize.
but first off, I would appreciate some comments. I love love love getting comments. Feel free to stop by and say hello.

now, what have I been doing this week?
I've been getting ridiculously crafty (I know, you never thought you'd hear that coming out of my mouth.)
I've finished harry potter 3 again.
I've gone swimming lots, twice one day.
I made cookies, and delivered them.
I've had some sleepovers.
I've made some shirts. Tie Dye and spray paint.
I remembered why I love this girl.
I watched lots of fantasy factory.
I worked.
I played.
It's been a good week.